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Is 'This' Important?


thread for quick questions--no bullshit straight answers. simple stuff, but discussion is welcome.

i'll start

does the type of carb ingested post workout matter? read from several sources that some types of sugars only replenish liver glycogen whereas the goal is to replenish muscle glycogen. important or mental masturbation?


When the body's depleted, the glycogen in the liver gets refilled first.



He's right. Muscle tends to be a very metabolically expensive tissue to preserve; the liver, however, is slightly more important. But only slightly (enter sarcastic tone here)...

Answering your first question can be tricky. What do you mean by "matter"? Of course it matters, but depending on your goals, you will likely opt for different sources. A high glycemic carb source like potatoes or white rice will enter the blood stream quicker and produce different results than a lower one, such as oats or brown rice. Again, the carb source you chose should reflect your intentions (i.e. recovery, mass gain, lean bulk, fat loss, etc.).


Fructose will only replenish liver glycogen. Any excess will be stored as fat which is why it would be wise to avoid high fructose corn sugar and table sugar or drinks like gatorade etc..., unless you are very depleted in glycogen


so regardless of sugar type, liver is replenished first even if muscles are depleted; then those fill and muscle stores start filling up? currently out of my usual PWO grape juice and using other juices as substitute and this question came to mind.


I estimated that a persons average glycogen storage make up about 2500-3000 kcal (right/wrong)?

Would it be a reasonable guess to say that I'd be able to deplete my glycogen stores in one day i I did intense exercise and ate very little carbs?