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Is this illegal?

Ok, so I’ve found out that my girlfriend of 3 years has been cheating on me. I found out a month ago when I was watering her plants in her apartment and the guy called and left a message, telling her to meet him at his house. So at the appropriate time I followed her over there (call me a stalker, but this was my girl of 3 years, i had to know) and sure enough they come walking out in eachother’s arms. I went home after that and vomited the night away. I was going to call her that night and tell her it was over, then hunt the guy down, but my roommates told me to think things over. Well I have, and a month after I’ve found out I’m ready to get revenge. We have been talking about marriage for the past 6 months, so my plan is to drive her out to the country one night for a candlelight picnic, get her thinking I’m going to propose, then when I go to my car to get the ring, drive off. I’m sure there are more creative things I could do, but this is what I’ve decided on. I just want to know if this is somehow illegal. Like if she were to get hurt would I be responsible? Thanks, and I know most of you will want to chastise me for this, I don’t care, the bitch is going down.

Is this a REAL question or just some sort of trap?

First of all…kick his ass. And do it right.

I don’t think there’s anything illegal about leaving her somewhere, unless the weather or other conditions pose an obvious threat.

I’m sorry to hear about your girl, bro. That really sucks, but you’ll recover. Definitely don’t do anything do jeapardize your future. Bitches ain’t worth it.

Lastly, I’d piss in her hair if I were you. It’s just plain nasty.


Nah, weak plan. She’ll just be sitting there thinking “WTF?” and it will never even occur to her that you know she’s been cheating.

I suggest you confront her and let her know your true feelings. If you’ve gone out for 3 years you owe her that. Stooping to her level will only bring you down.

I’m looking foward to the next installment. When do you plan to do this? lol

Haha I don’t know if that is illegal but if it isn’t, you should do it. It might seem like a pretty cruel thing to do but you’re not actually physically hurting her and what she is doing to you is far worse.

Go for it and let us know what happens.

Defintitely a bitter pill to swallow…

I suppose that you could be liable for anything that happened to her if you left her in some sort of predicament. Best to check with your own lawyer if you’re really that serious.

If you have made up your mind that the relationship is over then personally, I think you should just walk away. Be academic and indifferent. Nothing would hit home better than showing her that you are strong enough to just stop caring and move on with your life. Acts of retribution just show her that she got under your skin and can easily backfire.

Phrack: I don’t know if what you’re planning is illegal or if you would be responsible. I won’t comment on whether what you want to do is ethical.

I will say this however. Would you really want it on your conscience if your girlfriend was raped or murdered while trying to find her way home from the countryside alone at night?

I suggest you think very hard and long before you go through with this plan.

Only think about kicking the other guys ass if he knew he was cheating on you. He may have thought it was his gf. Heck he may be coming after you. Hahah. :wink:

However she is definetly at fault. Ditch her and get checked for std’s.

That sucks. :frowning:

Make it WAY out in the country.

Sorry to hear that you, like many people, got tangled up with one of the pieces of shit in this world. Take some advice from a bro who has been in a similar situation: resist all temptation to kick the guy’s ass. It may take every amount of balls you have NOT to jeopardize your future over two worthless human beings. You didn’t fuck up, they did. Don’t let them get the best of you by bringing you down to their level. Even if the dude knows all about you, which they usually do since they are the ones the cheater complains to, you shouldn’t take your anger at her out on him. Yes, he is a douchebag for getting with someone who is involved, but your girl is the one who deserves to experience your wrath.

You have the upper hand right now since you know and they don’t. You also have many options as far as what you can do to her, but remember that the only reason you’re doing anything is to make yourself temporarily feel better. So take that into consideration when you’re planning what to do, IOW don’t do anything too drastic that could get you in trouble. For example, leave her about 5 miles from the nearest human being instead of 20, haha. No matter what you do, you know it’s over and your future has nothing to do with her, so be smart.

In the meantime, watch the movie The Count of Monte Cristo, or read the book. The classic story of revenge, I can relate to it well…

I heard about this guy that found out his fiance and best friend were screwing. So he got pictures, made a couple hundred copies. At the wedding right at the “any reason” part, he anounced a gift for everyone under their chairs. Everyone got an eyeful of bride and best man mid stroke! Then he just walked out.

That’s retribution!

Maybe just an urban legend, I don’t know.


I’ll be watching this one.

I went out with a couple of my friends tonight to find the right spot. Its way out in the middle of nowhere, and its a maze to get out there. My plan is to blindfold her like its some romantic getaway and do it there. I may or may not ask her to leave her cell phone at home, but as of now I feel about 20x better about this whole thing. I appreciate all the advice, and while I agree it would be better to just walk away, I can’t do it. I can’t explain why, but I just can’t. I’m going to do this thing then never talk to her again. Someone mentioned she may be hurt/murdered/raped, and this has been weighing on my mind heavily. I’m seeing pure red right now so I know my judgement is skewed, and as much as I can’t stand the sight of her now I don’t want her to get hurt (physically), and I certainly don’t want to live with that on my mind. The place we found is pretty secluded with no houses around, it’s about a 10 minute drive away from the nearest real street. I haven’t been around her very much lately just becuase it hurts so much, and its hard to put on a straight face for very long. We’re busy with finals this week so hopefully next weekend I can do this and move on with my life.

I don’t think that is illegal. If you want to do it,do it. Since you’re such a good Magnum P.I. why not follow them again and take a picture of them together. Then write something gay on the back like,“You broke my heart. Good Bye.” Wrap it up in a small box and when you go to do your little revenge whatever, give it to her and tell her to open it up while you go back to the car. Drive off and she will have to walk back and think about it. Then find the dude and confront him. If he says he didn’t know, then he didn’t or he bitched out. Either way fine. If he says he did, stab him. Then you can go to prison and find out “how prisoners get so big?”. Feel Free to not follow all or part of this advice.

You know how women have a bunch of hair/body supplies?

I suggest urine, feces, and semen as additions to each of them. You’ll have to decide how. All I can say is that Clairol Herbal Essences are the color of urine, and hand lotion/conditioner? … you get the idea.

Then be an adult about it and break up with her.

Dan “Yes, I’ve actually done this.” McVicker

You`ve got 2 choices.

CLEAN: By your post, you`re obviously forfeiting this option.

DIRTY: Consult the collective. Don`t reinvent the wheel. Search the net. I think there even is a newsgroup for Revenge (maybe alt.revenge).

The last one I would pull, but it may or may not be applicable in your case. Just my 2 cents. Which is…

The best revenge, if you live with her, is to hire a private detective, gather enough proof and the next time she goes to see jimbo (or leaves for sometime), GIVE HER THE TRASHBAG WELCOMING PARTY. In short, pack her things up in trashbags, line them up neatly outside, and wait for her on the porch with your photo album in hand. Keep a 12 gauge or the 911 near should she go ballistic.

Or just the opposite. You could just damn well get the hell out and just leave a photo of her and Jimbo as a departing cart neatly posted, in evidence, somewhere within the first footsteps in your house. At least she`ll know why. Without a doubt.

Take what works better for you.

no way bro that is lame. here is a better one since you know she’s cheating and she doesn’t know that you know, you hold all the cards. think about it. now if i were you i would find some ass on the side and cheat. just like she is doing. and keep it quite. then she will start to suspect things and she will start snooping and eventually she will find out get all pissy and scream and yell and you just stand there with a shit eating grin on your face and then let her know that you caught her cheating at whatever the time of year so you thought you would get a little side slit also…hey whats good for the goose is good for the gander. boy she will freak man just laugh and go on your way. since you don’t plan on staying with this flapping tw-t what the heck do you care. bro it happened to me and thats what i did. it was the best she was stammering on her words when i told her i knew. and i just shrugged my shoulders as if she was just another girl on the list and went on my way. bro drove her crazy for about a year. phone calls love letters…i am still laughing now that i think about it. but that leaving out in the woods is lame bro. if someone brings a knife to a fight you bring a gun. go right for the jugular and do this, that way you leave her no oppurtunity to get you back. believe me it works. tried and true my man. good luck

Billyboy, I’ve heard of that one too.

In fact, it was on the Secret Life of Us recently.