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Is This Hypoglycemia?

Hey guys I hate to keep asking for advice all the time with so little knowledge/experience to give back to the community, but I really need some help on this one as I may have put my health at risk.

I just got done losing a lot of fat and managed to keep the muscle, getting down to around 4-5% bf. I’ve been trying to increase carbs slowly, and I was shooting for about 25 additional low GI grams per week for 6 weeks. But I’ve been afraid that the math doesn’t work out; I’m basically out of fat to buffer the transition with, and I probably need to eat more. I’ve been really worried about muscle loss as a result, but I’ve been afraid to increase carbs too quickly and get bloated/gain fat and undo all the work I just did.

Anyway I think today I experienced hypoglycemia, I felt this weird tingling sensation, felt extremely weak, got kind of dizzy, and couldn’t concentrate at all. It sucked. So I left work early and had some Surge (and about 3 bowls of Fiber One, I went a little crazy…) and now I feel better.

In the coming days are there any serious health issues I should be aware of? I don’t want to lose any gains I made, but I also don’t want to faint randomly during the day. My lean mass is about 170 lbs. is there a number of calories I should eat? I increased it from 2000 to 2300 about 2 weeks ahead of schedule, but can I/should I go even higher without bloating up/regaining fat?

Just sounds like a blood sugar crash. Can be caused by a lot of things now and then. If it continues I’d see somebody about it. Or just throw a few more carbs in morning time to give yourself a good baseline for the day.

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Definitely sounds like you’ve lost perspective with your diet and are suffering from low blood sugar, which isn’t healthy.

Slowly increase both your calories and your carbohydrate intake, say 300kcal/day/week and 50-75g carbs/day/week.

If you make this process last you will be able to slowly bring your metabolism back up and the worst that can happen with a 200 - 300kcal surplus is a lb of fat every week and a half to two weeks.

Look up Bernardi’s “Get unshredded” article.