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Is This Hypertrophy Program for Women Too?

Hi guys,
st time posting here (sorry in advance if I make any mistakes but English isn’t my 1st language)
I’m a woman (26 years old) and doing Crossfit for 2 years now, mostly endurance, long story short I can’t go to CF anymore and I would like to put on some muscle

So I was wondering if this program : https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/simple-program-for-complex-results is adaptated for women too ? I keep reading that women shouldn’t train like men so I just want to be sure.

Thank in advance for your help or advice ! :slight_smile:

It’s not a bad program for a woman but I feel you need programs to focus more on the strong visual body parts (of a woman) rather than working traps or flat chest press much.

Look at:
Hardbody Training for Women
Sexy Female Training

Welcome :hugs: first if you can’t do CF, my question is why…injury,time, kinda need a little more info to give my noob advice

Thanks both of you for your answer !

My answer is for both of you :
I should have said that I’ll have surgeries soon bc of a birth defect in my calves (to be short the artery behind my knee is compressed by my calves muscle so the blood flow is restricted, basically it’s like having a calf cramp that never goes away, that’s why I can’t go to CF anymore)

But in the mean time I don’t want to become a couch potatoe so my idea was to do a training that doesn’t requiered running, cardio or hard impact like box jump, that’s why this program is interesting for me, my legs are pretty strong so my idea was to do the legs day with more “comfortable” weight (if I dont have much pain) and doing the hypertrophy for my upper-body on pull/push days,
Plus I don’t have a lot of equipment it’s just me, a pull bar, 2 dummbells and 20kg of weight

Thanks guys for your time :slight_smile:

I’m no pro but when I’d come back from surgeries or injuries, they’d put me in both tanks. Bothnot my cup of tea. Do you have access to an indoor pull? You can get an aqua jogger and water weights to get exercise without impact. Also, afterwards hit the ice. I’ve had to do the big tank of ice and little for ankles or ice wraps for knees sux, but important. But I’m no physical therapist or dr. I know you said what equipment you have so someone else on the site might have advice on that or talk to your dr. Don’t ever push yourself too hard…unless you’re getting paid lol. Injuries are setbacks we’ve all experienced. There are some really experienced people on this site to give advice. But as always, I would say to your dr what can I do? There are ice/heat treatments that help some. But your dr may say like lift a pencil twice a day…Anything is better than nothing. Your health is the most important and you don’t have to be a complete “couch potato” cuz you can eat clean. GL

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