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Is this How You Work the Bat Signal for Chinese People?

@punnyguy should have warned you, it’s addicting.

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I think the videos are fairly accurate in depicting the bad stuff. But you have to know what normal everyday life is in China to view the info in the videos in the right context.

Otherwise, you’d think it’s like North Korea.

I tried explaining to pat in another thread that life in China is similar to other countries including the US, just that there are certain cultural differences. People go shopping, watch Marvel movies, go to gyms, play video games, Starbucks knockoff cafes. There are BJJ gyms there nowadays. They watch reality TV.

Let’s put it this way. The average Chinese citizen would vote for Trump if Trump didn’t have so many sex scandals.

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You’re all right, dude.

I need a little more family demographics to make my Internet expert family relations dynamic.

I was operating under the assumption that they had a biological kid together.

If she has kids, and he has kids, but they don’t have kids together, it’s just the classic step-kid step-parent dynamic, as old as Cinderella. Women (in general) are loyal first to their biological kids first, their parents second, their sisters (then brothers) third, their husband fourth, and their step-kids fifth. This is why so many women-with-children bemoan no men are interested in them – it’s because the men are not idiots. It has nothing to do with being Asian. Cinderella was French.

I dodged this a bit with my adopted children (niece and nephew), in that my wife didn’t have the insecurity of “my kids” interlopers. Didn’t hurt that, for all their faults, my brother and his wife stuffed the crap out of 529 plans for both kids (probably to launder drug money, but that’s not my problem), so college, grad school and a first house are not our burden. That, and they are much older than our biological kids, so they were actually very instrumental in taking care of their bio kids (as is the Apache way).

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