Is this How to Power Clean?

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sure why not. Better than most I’ve seen.

Not bad at all. The real test is whether the technique holds up when there’s some weight on the bar.

[quote]PB Andy wrote:
sure why not. Better than most I’ve seen.[/quote]

Yeah not bad at all.


i have problems doing front squat and the top bit of this movement, i have fairly big shoulders so i dont know why i cant seem to get the bar to sit on them with bending the crap out of my wrist…so i find it hard to stick my elbows out in front like that.

is that some stretches or stuff i can do to combat this?


I love the lift. But my technique is not very good. From what ive found people with good mobility and flexability in the shoulders, gurdle and arms can make a parallel surface for the rop of the movement to catch and hold the wei gh t. Same with front squats.One disadvantage can be if you have bigger arms and/ or shoulders ( big biceps) literally get in the way and interfere with the flexability upwards to get parallel. I have 18" arms and cannot get a parallel surface for the life of me.

I catch and hold the wei gh t most in my hands. Technically wrong and grossly effects the wei gh t I can move. Look at most olympic lifters who perform these lifts. Tons of speed n explosion. Perect technique and usually smaller uper body and arms. Just my experience so far.

It’s stretching and not big biceps. You are simply tight in the shoulders/ wrist/ elbows.

That guy is STACKED. He is tall.

You guys just need to stretch properly.

Rack bar across shoulders, lift one elbow at a time, do the other. Repeat other. Repeat for 20-25reps. Becareful don’t just wrench your shoulders up. Do it slowly. Try for a bit higher each time. Do this EVERYTIME you train at the start and at the end.

Do it with 3 fingers first, you will be able to rack the bar properly ONLY IF YOU PUT IN THE TIME IN STRETCHING OUT PROPERLY.


thanks koing

[quote]michaelmi5 wrote:
thanks koing[/quote]

At the start and at the end of EVERY session.


To further illustrate Koing’s point ( and to show an awesome young lifter) here is Zygimantas Stanulis, who is HENCH and can rack the bar easily. No small upper body here…