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Is this How to Power Clean?

thanks marauders and sexyxe

You understand that is a BBing forum, yes?

If you google Glenn Pendlay Clean progression you’ll find good videos to learn proper technique. Also go to the Olympic forum, they will help you out.

You shouldn’t deliberately come up onto your toes, it is a side effect of full extension and your weight is never actually on your toes.

ive posted this in the bodybuilding and olympic lifting forum but for some reason my post didnt exist im going to try and repost it thanks for the answer debra :slight_smile:

@ infinite shore well technically it is bodybuilding because the reason I want to power clean is to build the traps, thus bodybuilding is that not so?

A clean CAN start off a bit slow, but once you accelerate, you accelerate.

As for trapecius overload, cleans ARE fantastic, but they are technical, and take a lot out of the CNS and your joints.
Most bodybuilders go with less stressfull and difficult exercises and do well.

If your split has a day dedicated to trap and shoulders, you could very well try out incorporating [power] cleans.

@ schwarzfahrer thanks for that because the clean seemed to always start off a bit slow and then explosively break at the knees, to be honest i do not lift yet I do pushups at the moment (i know what the fuck am i doing on a lifters forum) but i have bad health and once it is fixed i will start going to the gym when i am ready, i dont want to waste my time and so you could say i am a beginner. once i start going to the gym as a beginner should i be incorporating power cleans into my program? im thinking of just making one seperate day for power cleans because i have practiced them with a broom and they made me sweat like never before i can only imagine how taxing it will be with weight added to the movement