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Is this Hitched or Ok?


I went for a deadlift PR today. It wasn't the smoothest rep, but not the most hideous rep one can find on youtube. I don't know deadlift rules perfectly. So I want to ask you experts if this would be a legal deadlift in a meet. If I understand the rules of hitching, I think I may have just passed, but I could be totally wrong. I'm wearing basketball shorts in the video which makes it tough to tell if the bar rested, but I can assure if you look at it in a big screen, my legs never supported the bar. I'm just unsure if the bar stalled too much and what the rules are on that. Thanks.


I'm not an expert but I don't believe that would have been called good, throughout the lift the bar can't go down and back up. ie how you were kinda jerkin it up your thighs. But you're right that was close. I'm sure theres more qualified lifters on here who will be more help.


Thanks for the reply. The part that confuses me is that the bar stalled, but I don't think it ever dipped (go down and back up). So would that be good? Or is a stall and the extra movement enough to be a no go?


it looks like you tried to lock your knees out before you finished the deadlift


Good observation. I'm not sure why I did that. Definitely going to take note of that. Thank you.


Thats what I mean its hard to tell if it actually dipped or not. I think the combination of the knee bend and the stall made it look worse than it was.


Yeah I'm starting to see that the form is really the issue. I need to put more attention to my form for both deadlift and squat.

P.S. Looked at your log. You may not consider yourself an expert, but you have some solid lifts. Very motivating.


Very nice effort but definitely a hitch (3 of them actually). You can't use your thighs to support the weight, it has to slide up them. Try to push your hips through at the top instead of continuing to pull with your upper body/arms, easier said than done I know.


Thanks alot, still got a long ways to go in my eyes haha


Yep. And the knees shooting forward is usually an indicator to the refs that you have, indeed, supported the bar on your thighs. You can legally stall, but you can't push the knees forward to reinitiate the pull.


If it looks like a hitch, it's going to get reds like a hitch.

Do what Tim said.


I agree and I would have given you a red. Don't forget that refs only have the duration of the lift to see what they see and don't have video replay. The stalls look like hitches but I'd red light you for ramping up your thighs. Ramping is like using your thighs as an incline plane to facilitate the lift.


Thanks for all the honest responses thus far. I have a better understanding now of the rules. I'm going to work on the hip push and hopefully hit some white light PRs.


the way Ive heard it described by a judge is.......they look for the indent/crease in a lifters garment where the bar contacts the thigh to reverse direction..........something along those lines .

either way , way to grind that one out


The bar does not have to move downwards for it to be a hitch. Any time you use the hips to support the weight whatsoever, it will be red lighted.


Okay I'd say the more important point here is to get the form in check than if it was a competition OK lift.

Start :

Shoulders in front of bar - way in front. I think it's why you had trouble getting your PC to complete the lift over your quads (why your knees went for lockout first).
Big lift will have a bit of rounded back, but you should try to get shoulders over bar, lower back arched, upper back straightish then kinda pull into your body rather than up.

I think if you focus on pulling 'in' and completing with the PC it'll make it easier to keep the bar moving in a straight line.

Maybe a better camera angle might show me to be wrong though, but it seems to make sense to me as to why you had a hard time locking out.


I'm weird and worked on some more single pulls today. I'm going to deload next week, so I figured what the heck. I'm came painfully close again on 445. I wish I had read this advice beforehand.


I appreciate this detailed advice. I wish I would have implemented it before. I'm going to work on it next time.


Quit hyper-extending your back man, that's hard to watch.


x2, that shit hurt me watching it.