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Is This Gyno? See Pic

please see this if it is gyno??..if yes then what to do ??

In this case …yep

How can i get rid of this… please can u guide

Is this serious … do.i have to do a surgury for this… or it can b cured medically

Ive seen allot worse,none of my business and you dont have to answer… But,are you currently using ?

I was using winny +tren+ clen for my 1 contest… right now i em planning to use nolvadex… but i need a expert advice… can this b cured by nolva

You would do well looking in here…

Can u tell me how to use… nolva soo that i can cure this thing

You should have done some research on how to manage symptoms, the risks that are involved and how to manage all of them BEFORE YOU INJECTED YOURSELF WITH AAS.

Soo what should i do now

This is all shit you should figure out before you start a cycle…

Can someone tell me what to do

google ‘letrozol gyno’

Stop pinning if you haven’t done so

Oh yeah that’s definitely gyno. You need surgery bro

Winstrol and tren don’t aromatise. How did you get gyno from that? Tren raises prolactin but I’ve run tren at 100mg ed without needing ancillaries like caber.

I have gyno since my teenage … it become big when i use roid… i have started using letrazole… lets see what happenss… let me things without surgury…