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Is This Gyno or What?


So this seems to be a deposit or a line of fat… I have this but I am at least 14-15% bf
I have no lump underneath nipple but I have a similar line of fat on side of chest… wtf is this


It’s nothing. Not gyno for sure. Looks like it’s just his pec attachment.

Why in the world would you post a picture of someone else when you’re asking about yourself?


I have the same. For me it’s a bit of fat weighing down some loose skin that’s left over from being a former fat guy.


these “do I have gyno?” threads are always amusing.

If you think you might, then you don’t. When you get gyno, you KNOW you have gyno.


No That is not gyno…
this is…


I love when people ask a question about body deformities, but use some random person’s photo instead of posting one of themselves.


Well my left testicle has always been smaller than the right , does that count?..:smiley:


Can you post a picture of someone else’s testicles please otherwise we won’t understand? :laughing: