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Is This Gyno Advice Protocol Good?


I recently had an appt with a plastic surgeon, who is highly specialized in gyno, about my problem. I had recently come off a 8 week cycle and was running nolva (40/40/20/20). The gyno surprisingly seemed to help a little bit and so the doctor and plastic surgeon suggested using the nolva for 6 months straight.

He said I have mild-medium gyno and to try the nolva protocol for 3 months. 2 questions, what are the potential adverse effects of running nolva 3-6 months straight? Also, say I wanted to start another cycle within those 6 months, would I continue the nolva use throughout? All help is appreciated.


The reason it seemed to 'help' is likely simply because the antagonist activity that Tamoxifen has at the breast is less than the activity your estrogen level has at the breast.

So when you are using Tamoxifen, your gyno is less swollen. Any tissue that has grown there will likely stay - but often grow or shrink in size depending on small hormonal changes.

I find that a dose of around 1-2mg of letro/wk dosed daily or 1-2mg Adex/wk dosed daily is very effective at minimising a small gyno protrusion. If the hope is that prolonged use of Tamoxifen or any other pharmaceutical drug will remove the problem, prepare to be sorely disappointed.


Nolva is a pretty safe drug. They give it to women with Breast Cancer to take for periods ranging from months to years. As for the second question, no idea, sorry


Thanks for the response, I have never tried letro but adex did nothing for my gyno at all, would you run the letro daily? and if so how much?


It (adex used in the correct dose) will do more than the Tamoxifen. There is no activity that Tamox has that is counter gyno (nor any other 'anti-estrogen') - it is only due to the reasons i stated.