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Is This Guy For Real?


He claims his time on the row was cruel and unusual what the fuck did he think he diserved?



Thats awful, I dont think anyone should sit on death frow for 20+years if there are no questions about their innocence for the crimes they commited. Maybe I am ignorant but what is the very long wait for when it comes to these criminals? I am glad they didnt cancel his execution based on his ridiculous claims.


I find it a little ironic that his heart stopped, and he was revived and sent back to death row.


Maybe executing death row inmates much sooner would serve us all better. As for his time being "cruel and unusual"....prison sucks. That's the point. Maybe if he had been repeatedly subjected to some prison love by the guards, that would be a bit cruel but deserved.

The people gave him a death sentence and he put it off for a very long time. It's his own damn fault that he went downhill in prison and didn't have the greatest time.


yeah, for sure. It would be great if patients who suffer strokes and cardiac arrest in prison be allowed to just pass on rather than go through the expense and effort to keep them alive long enough to suck away at tax dollars and resources until they eventually be executed or die of old age. We are way too sensitive to those who commit crimes against society/humanity


I think part of it is the appeals processes.


This guy actually arranged the murders of witnesses to the intial murder he committed from jail while waiting for his trial! If anyone deserved to die, it was him.


It doesn't sound like death row to me. After 20 years the guy should already be done in.


That's exactly what it is. Inmates' lawyers keep attempting to appeal the sentence, and each appeal can take years. If the state had just sentenced him then left him to rot for 20+ years, I think maybe he'd have a valid point in claiming that the punishment was cruel and unusual. But I'm willing to bet the two decades sitting on death row were caused by numerous lengthy court processes.


I found this ironic too. Wouldn't this have saved a whole bunch of money?