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Is this Good to Start Powerlifting?

I trained for size for some time and powerlifting has always atracted me, can I do this to start? My lifts are absolute crap: 125 kg DL, 98 kg S 90 kg B, 60 kg OHP

Day 1:
Bench 4x5 RPE 8.5/9
Paused Bench 3x5 RPE 7
OHP 3x5 RPE 8
Tri Pushdown (do i need direct tricep work?) 2x15?
Day 2:
Deadlift 1x5 and 1x5+(AMRAP) RPE 8 and 10
Bent over rows 4x5 RPE 8.5
Face pull 3x15
Day 3:
Squat 5x5 RPE 8.5
Paused squat 3x6 RPE 7

And then repeat on day 4, 5 and 6 and rest on day 7?

Any recommendations are welcome, I just thought about something I would really enjoy, if it might be absolutely nonesense to do this and it could not work, just tell me if its the case lol

Do 5/3/1 5’s progression and opposite first set last 5x5.

Or hire a coach.

Is it this? I dont really understand, how can Indo 105% of my rm the first time? Is it spotted?

the last 2 in each weeks are joker sets (in the above)
And jim’s work is based of a TM, not a 1RM

5’s progression is just doing 5’s across all the weeks
opposite first set last 5x5 means if your benching 5’s pro- do OHP 5x5 at first set working weight

I really dont get it, can you explained to me as if I was retarded? Maybe its bc english its not my primary language but I dont really get it lol

do you get what 5/3/1 is?

Yeah, I know its a type of progression in which you start with a certain % of your TM (which I googled and understood) and on the first week you perform sets of 5, the second sets of 3 and on the third sets of 5/3/1, or thats what I think it is

Oh, so 5’s progression is doing the weights that are advised on 5/3/1 for their respective ammount of reps all for 5 reps? I think ive got it. Example: second week 3x3 80% tm would be 3x5 80% tm instead and the same for the last week?


Thanks a lot! I’ll do it!

But how can I do 5/3/1 progression with frequency 2x?

Spend a few bucks and buy the book…

Just do this…

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either do what RampantBadger said- or do

means first set last (first working set weight) 5x5 using opposite lift (bench-press, squat/dead)

Im not a hardgainer

Just do the hardgainer

And what about the frequency 2x progression, should I repeat the same weights on the first and second day?

? I should probably tell you to just do hardgainer… but

Bench 5’s pro, press fsl 5x5, assistance
Squat 5’s pro, dead fsl 5x5, assistance
Press 5’s pro, bench fsl 5x5, assistance
When you up your TMs, your fsl weights go up