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Is This Good Form for Overhead Plate Raises?

Its shit…drop the weight your using and stop using momentum.


brutal honesty love it ha

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Putting your back against a wall or a post and maintaining at least 2 points of contact will keep you strict and allow you to use the target muscles here.




As pointed above, there is too much momentum in the movement. Advise focusing on tempo as well.

you’re not going to hurt yourself or anything, if that’s your concern. But very much not ideal for building size or strength. I’m really surprised you thought it would be. Most new lifters tend to go too far towards perfectly controlled movements to the point of never progressing because of a perfect form obsession. You are on the other end of the spectrum, lol.


Like Flip, I’m surprised you’d rewatch the second video in particular and think your form is on point.

You’re, like, 140-something pounds, right? If you’re going to do that exercise, use a 5-pound plate, maybe a 10, not 25-30% of your bodyweight like you’ve done before. Or just skip the plate raise and learn to power clean.


Ok, I actually like the brutal honestly, it helps me learn.
So I’m going to lower my weight alittle and also try it with my back pinned against the wall.
And ya, I’m about 140 pounds.

Not to be that guy, but as a general guideline, on simple movements, if you find yourself wondering if your form is off, it probably is

As others said, probably won’t hurt yourself, but
1.maybe not ideal for hypertrophy
2.why tax yourself and recover slower for something that would give you the same growth with half the weight

Hope it helps brother

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Yeah not much point doing isolation moves like that at 140;bs

You win trippy-gym setup of the year btw, Bravo!

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I was wondering if he worked in a brothel… lol


Lol, the lights in my gym are very bright and I tend to get eye strain after using them. So I brought in a red light and it’s much less stressing on my eyes.

I appreciate your input!

Or worse

…Barry’s bootcamp! : :scream_cat:

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Try a yellow light haha

Not sure what made you put so much priority on an overhead plate raise. May just stop at a front raise. Here’s a good shoulder workout off this site:

I’m planning to sneak this in myself outside of my coach’s programming. In the article, it includes seated plate raises, but start with 5-10lb dumbbells maybe. On youtube, he updated the Cuban Press with a Y out and a low negative.

I don’t think it’s optimal for beginners to stress about minutia in isolation lifts, but if you’re getting your compound work in, why not?

Not gonna lie, man, I was really hoping you’d correct me and say you’re up to 160 or so. You were still the same weight last August, so you’ve made zero progress in a full year.

You’re totally majoring in the minors - overhead plate raise form, pulldown form, bouncing around with different programs every month or two (or so it seems based on your previous threads).

The absolute best thing you can do is start logging your workouts and nutrition consistently and apply the advice you’ve gotten in the past, or else you’re on track to keep spinning your wheels instead of capitalizing on the single best time a dude can make gains.

I’ve been doing Paul Carter’a Superhero program since December consistently, training 3-5 times a week.
I also moved to two different countries this year, so consistency on eating enough has been the main problem.
My lifts were going up for a few months but then stalled for about 2 months so I decided to increase my calories from about 2500 to 2700, and I might increase again to 2800 if I don’t see a weight increase.
My lifts have slowly started to increase again.

I’ve also been having lower for my age than normal testosterone based off my latest blood test. Free Testosterone was at 350 I believe. I’ve been working to increase it now.

And I have been tracking my workouts every time and diet almost everyday.

Glad to hear you’re sticking with a good program, but that’s not the plan.

Fair. Hope you’re settled and back on track.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

Malnutrition will do that.


Perfect. Fire this bad boy back up and you can get even more input along the way. Going it alone isn’t working:

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The plan is lifting 5 days a week I believe.
But lately my family has been driving to the cottage where I don’t have a home gym, so normally it would be 5, but for the past month it’s been 3-4.

This was literally what I ate yesterday

The activity doesn’t matter here because I track it with another thing that doesn’t connect well with Cronometer.

People have told me this before, but I eat from a wide variety of foods and can’t think about any micronutrients that I would be deficient in.
B vitamins, check
Vitamin c, check
Vitamin d, always in the sun and my blood test was high normal, so check
Vitamin a retinol, check
Choline, check
Vitamin k1 and 2, check
Vitamin e, check
Calcium, check
Copper, check
Iron, check
Iodine, check
Magnesium, I just began supplementing again, so kind of check
Manganese, phosphorus, selenium, check
Zinc, check
Potassium check
Omega 3s

What else is missing??!!

Trying to get 9 hours of sleep a night, I’m averaging 8.5 now.
Red light therapy
Eating more fat and cholesterol.
Getting lots of sunshine to boost vitamin d even more.