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Is This Good for My Fat Loss Goals?

I am 6 ft 2 256 down from 293. I just started this tweak to my diet this week I eat about 2500 cals and 250 gs pro on my workout days. My 1st 2 meals of each day are solid and the last 3 are 2 scoops of whey with an apple and banana in 1 cup of water with 4 fish oil pills and 2 grams of glutamine be4 and after w.o… I cut out the fruit on my last shake but still eat 4 fish oil pills with some flaxseed oil. From what i have read no carbs last meal is that right.

My protein sources are whey, salmon, eggbeaters,chicken breast and turkey burgers. MY carb sources are peas, mushrooms, banana, apple, grapes, broc, strawberries and whole wheat bread. I do not eat any junk at all because that is what caused me to be such a fat ass. Sidenote my moobies are going away now lol. Im doind the V-Diet program w.o. and walking 2 miles a day now Thanks for any feedback this site has been a blessing.

As long as it’s working…don’t lower your calories any more than that though. That is pretty lower, especially for a guy your size.