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Is This Good for Leaning Up?

Fellow T-Men,

I'm on the quest to reach my ultimate state of leaness, I need your help. Below you will see the menu, constructed with the T-Dawg v2 principles, of my workout days and non-workout days, give me your opinions. I weigh 154lbs/70kg with 18% body fat.

2HOT-ROX Caps and 2Tribex Caps
Workout Days:
6.5oz London Broil top round steak
74g Broccolli
1TBSP Flaxseed oil
52g Protein Powder
52g Tomatoe
21g Onion
5g Cilnatro
232g Cod Fish
1TBSP Flaxseed oil
4 Fishoil Caps
2HOT-ROX Caps and 2Tribex Caps
4.)25gP,50gC,2gF(PWO Shake)
32g Protein Powder
26g Gatorade Powder
24g Metamucil
15g Creatine
15g Glutamine
1L of Water
227g Plain Yogurt
14.8g Oatmeal
274.5g Egg Beater
52g Protein powder

2HOT-ROX Caps and 2Tribex Caps
Non-Workout Day
31.6g Fat-Free Cheese
325g Egg Beater
1TBSP Flaxseed Oil
5 Fishoil caps
31g Protein Powder
110g Cottage Cheese
70g Spinach
46g Broccolli
6oz London Broil Top Round Steak
1.5TBSP Flaxseed Oil
5 Fishoil Caps
2HOT-ROX Caps and 2Tribex Caps
31g Protein Powder
110g Cottage Cheese
52g Tomatoe
21g Onion
217g Cod Fish
1TBSP Flaxseed Oil
1 Fishoil Cap
31g Protein Powder
110g Cottage Cheese
2 Fishoil Caps

I’m thinking about actually getting real eggs, rather than using the egg beaters. I’m going to start using surge and low-carb grow for the PWO shake.
Thanx Guys.

u dont need 15g of creatine… just 5

Looks really good. About the only thing I might suggest is getting 30-45 minutes of steady-state moderate cardio 5-7 mornings a week first thing on an empty stomach and keep your workouts sane but intense 4-5 times a week.

Thanx to those of you that have posted, I should have mentioned that I am finishing up the last week of Meltdown Training II and am going on to the Fat to Fire Program by Coach John Davies. As for cardio I’m following Christian Thibaudeau’s IBUR training, found in his running man article.

Great News!!!
I just recieved my fist jugs of Surge and Low-Carb Grow.