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Is This Going To Work?

Im working out three days a week. Using a workout that is simple aand seems to be doing what I want, adding size to my upper body and strength to my legs and back. Here is my problem and my proposed solution. I have just lost around 80 pounds, and Im really nervous about gaining weight again but i lost a lot of muscle and need to build some back up to keep my metabolism going.

I have heard it is hard to add muscle mass and lose fat at the same time. My self thought solution to this is work weights for 3 weeks eating more then enough protein to add muscle then on weeks 4 and 5 no weight training and going for a sprinting program to try to keep my metabolism burning like a furnace.

I am new to this and just trying to get some direction any help is appreciated. If you need info that i left out pm me or post and ill tell you what you want to know. Thanks guys this site is very helpful and filled with helpful people.

I’m not sure if sprinting will help your metabolism any more than weight training, but an interesting idea.

I think if when you are doing your three weeks of weight training, you workout hard enough and with enough volume to cause a slight over-training effect (performance drops slightly) that you will need an intensification phase and sprinting may actually do the trick. I’d do the sprinting for only a week though.

Neither I or anybody I’ve trained have tried it so I cannot give an experienced answer, but I can say that I’m intrigued. If you do it, and it works, let us know.

Worst case scenario is that it doesn’t work as well as you thought. It won’t hurt to try it.


As I was proofing this I was thinking more and more that it may be worth my trying it. I hope you give it a shot.

I would do a maintenance cycle.
What do I mean? Eat the amount of calories you burn daily and slowly increase them to get your metabolism back to normal and to help your body “adjust” to it’s new found leanness. Do this for about 2 months.

[quote]bigdaddy082 wrote:

I have heard it is hard to add muscle mass and lose fat at the same time. .[/quote]

Not ENTIRELY true. It is true for people who are already in relatively good shape, but if there is a bulk of fat to lose, there is no better fat-burner than packing on some extra muscle. Your body will need to ramp up the metabolism just to support the muscle and things (at first) will snowball in a POSITIVE direction. Unfortunately, there IS a plateau eventually, but for anyone that is just starting out, building muscle will kickstart fat loss.
Keep eating clean and training wisely. Keep a log- not just of training, but of diet as well. You will do just fine.

Losing 80lbs is quite impressive! (provided that is wasn’t achieved by multiple amputations or anorexia, etc).
Keep up the good work. There is a wealth of info on this site that has helped me tremendously.
Good luck!

Thanx for the input guys im interested in seeing if my idea works so im gonna give it a shot. I’ll keep eating as healthy as i can. I just want to experiment with this idea it just gets old doing what has always been done.

I don’t really see the logic in this

Lifting weights isnt going to negativly effect your goals of fat loss so why drop the lifting during your 2 week fat loss period? You have allready found out what happens when you lose weight without resistance training, you lost more muscle then you wanted to.

I think the basic principle isnt a bad one. Eat slightly above maitanance for 3 weeks then cut back for 2 weeks. For your goals of building muscle and keeping away fat gain I think this can work well if applied correctly.

The number one thing that I don’t see you mention much is DIET! For fat lose or muscle gain this is number one, and this means more then just protien intake. This is the main thing that will change during your different goals.

Number two in my opinion is weight training. If you want to build muscle for three weeks then maintain what you have built you need to keep lifting! This may or may not need to be changed at all regardless of goals! If your new to training and arent restricting calories to saverly you can keep progressing (although more slowly) in the gym even when your goals shift.