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Is This Goal Possible?

Okay so, I’m tired of screwing around in life, and am ready to get serious. As my lifting and nutrition gets more precise and I get stronger and as time goes on, other things in my life have been changing too, like my desire to apply myself more to my studies and make the best out of myself. I am a junior in college, and have been in elementary education, but it is NOT a challenge, and I want a challenge. I will probably be switching majors this monday, probably into business marketing. My question is, as a junior, having all my electives out of the way, and already taken 2 business classes first semester of college, is the goal of doing great in the college of business and graduating in 2 more years a possibility, assuming i take summer school class?

I’d like to discipline myself almost in a military type way, as in, studying harcore to get the exact grades I want to get, along with working hard in my lifting and nutrition, and still having fun on the side. I do not have any job obligations, so I do have PLENTY of time. I’m done with screwing around, and realize this is my last 2 years of college before I go out into the real world, and I’ve decided I want more in life than that which is available through an elementary education teacher’s degree.

So, at this point in time, is it still possible for all my dreams to come true? I’d like to one day be wealthy enough to move back to the island i used to live on and start a family there and give my kids all that my parents once gave me.

Absolutly, just suck it up when it gets hard and don’t be a pusy.

You are the only one who would know whether that is possible for you or not.

of course its possible! the world is your oyster man. if you want it bad enough, i see no reason as to why you can’t accomplish each of the things you listed.

Read it. Then read it again 2 months later. Then 6 months after that. It is the best book I’ve ever read.