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Is This Gain Water, Fat, Muscle or Just Poop/Food?

So AFTER my workouts, I usually weigh anywhere ranging from 153-155 (sometimes 156). This is on average after I started my “I think I’m lean bulking phase”.

However for the past 3-4 days and today, my weight skyrocket to high 157’s to 159 I think. And I dont think I ate too much sodium or something I’m not aware of that would cause water retention other than the fact that I eat HUGE food right before bed as my school schedule does not allow me to eat for a long time(10 minute lunch break) and breakfast isnt available because of club prior to school starting at 4:30

In short, my schedule is tough on me so I try to follow your guys’ advice, which is extremely great, but sometimes life just gets the best of you
So my eating regimen looks like this:
Get home 3:10, prep food and eat till 4:20ish.
Walk to the gym and warm up till 5ish
Finish workout and cooldown etc till 7ish
Get home,shower dishes till 730
BIGGEST meal of the day till whenever and then I finish some homework and then I go get more food right before I go to bed.

Sorry for the long “what I do in a day”

So I’m curious as to what this weight really is?

Also is my meal before my workout too rushed? To clarify, does it give enough time for my body to use that food for energy or am I too quick and am basically running on nothing for my workout?

Maybe your just full of shit?


So your bulking and your weight went up? That’s mad.

It’s a combination of water, food, poo and maybe the most miniscule amount of muscle/fat. Don’t worry about it and just keep making that scale go up if that is the goal.