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Is This Funny?


Quick backround "He" 32 year old male, in school to be a Physician Assistant, from Southern California, from a working class backround.

Also he is doing well in his classes and if fairly intelligent....most of the time.

What I want to know from you guys is whether or not the behavior I am about to describe is funny.

In other words am I missing the humor because I am a mean guy. Or is just childish and annoying, and a 32 year old should have just a little more sophisticated a sense of humor.

What he does is this, and it takes many different forms and is done all the time to everyone. He will make a claim that is not outlandish get you believing it then quickily say "I'm just kidding!" and laugh his ass off.

What follows is an actual example. I went home and didnt study with a group we had been studying with. Later working on a project he tells me that instead of studying, after I left the group went to a bar for food and beers.

I was surprised by this (becase the people dont get along that well) but its not impossible, so I was like oh cool. Hour or so later he says just kidding buddy and laughs his ass off.

The other day he is like oh whats your roomates cats name.(I was in another room.) I say, he doesnt have a cat. He insists one just looked at him and ran under the couch, I said if I go look and he is fucking around I would be pissed. He says just kidding. And laughs his ass off. These things remind me of being a kid and always saying "sike!"

Later he asks if I thought it was a "good one". I said I dont think its funny at all. Do you think its funny?


No just annoying.


Thank you,

if I get a good number of responses, I will print out and show him the thread. He is pretty oblivious so it might do him some good.


This type of humor can be funny when done with flair and sparingly, but such is not the case here. In fact, I would've punched him by now, if I had to live that on a daily/constent basis like your email seems to imply.


If he's the only one laughing, then it's not funny.


What? Is he freaking 12? Jeez; my youngest brother has a better sense of humor than that - he's still a teenager!

Definitely print this out and show him, because he needs to see this.

This is a 32 yr old man doing this? Grow up, dude. seriously. That is NOT gonna be funny when you're talking to a patient and tell them they've got cancer and then at the end of the visit tell them, "Oh, I was just kidding." That's a good way to get your ass kicked. And lose your job!

What a moron.


You go girl! So nice to see others share my frustration with this guy.


There's nothing wrong with a 32 year old having a sense of humor, but this guy obviously doesn't.

Those are realy annoying, dumb, pointless jokes. It seems like the only reason he does them would be to make himself feel superior in some way (in his mind only).

Since he's laughing his ass off, he thinks his jokes are actually working, and it sounds like he thinks he's getting one over on everyone when they're probably just rolling their eyes at him.


some sunday morning thoughts on the matter:

-dunno if it's funny or not cause i wasn't there, but it doesn't sound funny. funny is one of those things that can't really be explained or defined...on paper dave chapelle doesn't sound funny...i love napolean dynamite but i know lots of people who thought they wasted their money but on the other hand most of those people think that will farrell is funny but i've never laughed at anything he does.

-i like people who aren't afraid to try stuff -especially at the risk of crashing and burning hard. but ya don't keep trying it if it doesn't work.

-if he had real talent for being funny he would have a good sense of his audience (you) and wether you got it or not.

-if you think otherwise he's an allright guy i'd just ignore his humor. showing him this printout will definitely make a rift.

-if you don't mind a rift i still wouldn't show him the print out because it would be more satisfying to punch him instead.

-maybe punch him and then show him the print out.

-then laugh your ass off.



Good points....and yes its only him laughing, he has no sense of his audience, and how they are reponding.

For example he loves south park and talks to my gf about it ALL the time, she does not like the show, she doesnt engage him in anyway that would make you think she was interested, but he persists.


Even better: punch him, then say "just kidding!", and then laugh your arse off.

Then show him this thread.


Sounds like this guy is much more annoying than funny.


He has no clue that he is not funny 98 outta 100 times he tries to be, and he tries...oh he tries..all fucking day.


Lying spontaneously is neither clever nor funny.

Smack him. Hard. Every time.


This reminds me of the commercials where the people call in to the command center to see if it is funny...

On this they'd say...

No thats terribly stupid.


Sounds like a narcissistic jerk who likes to hear himself talk and doesn't give a shit about others around him.

But us all ganging up on the guy when he's not even around to defend himself strikes me as somewhat unfair.

Show him the thread; I'm sure he sees his actions completely differently.


Sounds like he's "Booger" from 'Revenge of the Nerds'.


I guess if he is the only one laughing--ever, then it's not funny. But like another poster said, funny is hard to describe on paper.

That being said, this reminds me of a conversation I had recently with a couple of friends. Now my immediate group of 5 or 6 closest friends are all males from age 27-31.

We were discussing our sense of humor and came to the conclusion that we feel sorry for people that can't laugh at things like us. We laugh at almost anything. We constantly joke and pull pranks on eachother. Sometimes we do things that are just plain immature. But we can laugh about it. And laugh at eachother.

I guess we do things that can just be annoying, and we probably do annoy other people sometimes, but we have all been friends for so long, it doesn't bother us.

So we feel sorry for someone who can't laugh at stupid things and just find humor in everyday life. Some people would probably say we go overboard and are just immature, but I like our sense of humor; I like the way we are.

How does this relate to your friend? I don't know. It probably doesn't since he is the only one laughing. In my group we will laugh together; at least one other person will laugh with you. If not, then you know you are really not funny.

I guess my point is maybe the guy is just light-hearted and easily amused. He enjoys laughing and humor. And that's not necessarily bad.


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punch him in the vagina...im sure he has one