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Is This Forum Mainly Anti-AI While on TRT?

I’ve been on TRT for a year now, took a while to get dialled in but I take 50mg Test E 2x per week and usually 1/20 of a 1mg adex tab on each injection day ( I over respond to all drugs)

My T levels are at the top of range with my free T very very slightly above top of range.
SHGB is on the low end around 22-28.
E2 is between 20-30 id say, this is all on trough testing so I’m guessing my peaks are all higher ( which makes me wonder if I should lower my T dosage too?)

Now I’m reading and seeing a lot of people ditching the AI, due to potential health reasons etc, I’m one for health and longevity so I’m thinking if I should do the same.
I watched a YouTube video of a Dr explaining why it’s best not to use it and I hear him but I’m worried about high E2 sides.

Guys who have ditched their AI, are you better off without it?
What issues did you face during the adjustment period with your body getting used to the change?

Thanks guys

As I’ve posted god knows how many times, I’ve been on TRT and never used an AI. Neither have any of my friends or family members on TRT. Not one has had any issue with elevated estradiol and we all feel fine. Actually, talk of an AI hasn’t been brought up by my doc in all these 20 years. He hasn’t mentioned it once.


Most people don’t need it at TRT doses. If you stay within 15-25 T to E range, it shouldn’t be needed. Or it would be preferable to increase the weekly injections.

It’s highly doubtful that 100 mg per week is too much T. My E levels have been as high as 50 with not one problem. Last it was 36 on 100 mg per week, no AI.

People put way too much thought into TRT.


Yeah I thought 100mg a week was very modest myself but Im just thinking with how high my free at is on trough testing even with only 100mg I could maybe need less.

I can’t say I feel great, I feel good but I still have anxiety here and there so something must be going on.

Although I hold muscle mass much easier at a calorie deficit so there are perks :wink: haha

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Sounds good! Glad you are all experiencing positive effects without the AI.

A lot of this sites older posts religiously state the use of an AI so it does get confusing.

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Never used an AI. Even with 1500+ TT and 73 E2 I don’t have E2 issues. My feet were swollen and I felt like I had a lot of water weight in the beginning but all of that went away on it’s own with time

At 100mg/week I would be very surprised if you actually need an AI.

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If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your bloodwork like and how long did it take to feel good on your protocol?

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If you are at the upper range of FT and your E2 is 20 then your E2 is probably low:

Noticeable Symptoms of Low Estrogen:

Decent erections but ho-hum orgasms
Joint cracking or soreness
Fatigue and depression
Blunted emotions
Possible weakening of adrenal glands
Excessive jealousy
Low blood pressure
Excessive urination

Blunted emotions and anxiety as you’ve highlighted, I definitely feel those two!
I think you may be onto something, I’m gonna drop the AI, my next shot is today so I’ll leave it out from now on and see how I feel.
Thanks man!

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Give it 6-8 weeks after you drop it before you gauge how you feel.

I can tell you that I my lipid values improved greatly when I ceased using arimadex. My hdl was always sub par on the AI and once I stopped it popped back into normal range. I’m also an over-responder to arimadex and crashed E2 even at small dosages.

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Are you referring to blood work as in other lab values like cholesterol, BUN, Cre, etc? My doc doesn’t check for that but I’m getting a physical next month so I’ll get those. My urologist/andrologist only regularly checks h/h, E, and T.

I used gels for about twelve years before switching to injections and then using HCG with TRT for fertility since 2015.

It took me one month to feel good and six months to feel like my old self when I started TRT. I have told men who I’ve referred to my doc I’ve said these exact words, “When you start TRT, do as he says. Do not ask 100 forum-related questions. If you have a serious issue, talk to HIM about it! He’s not a steroid guru; he is a qualified physician and surgeon prescribing medicine. Do not read about TRT. As a matter of fact, try not to even think about TRT for at least one month!“

My doc is awesome by the way!

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Too much thought into this.
(But Maybe my screen name is fitting and I am actual Brickhead.)

What does your doc say? You know he’s the doc, not us.

As a teenager (I’ve mentioned this before, but was given anastrazole 1mg/day in order to combat short stature, caused a fuck ton of issues still present today)

Anyhow on anastrazole alone (this effect is compounded when used in conjunction with androgens), my triglycerides shot up to about 200, HDL was mid 30s, LDL around 135… off anastrazole, whilst I don’t seem to aromatise much at all… HDL is about 42-45, LDL 90-110, triglycerides are typically below 50 (woot, low lipid oxidation rates, was taken on 2-250mg weekly)… despite longevity being present within my family, good cholesterol is not a gene we harbour


Blunted emotions is low E2 symptoms, high E2 symptoms are exaggerated emotions. You may need to break up your shots and inject smaller doses if estrogen becomes a problems after stopping the AI.


I meant what’s your TT, FT, E2 and SHBG?

True. Most people do well just suffering a month before feeling great. Worst case a month or two passes and they know for sure that protocol is ruled out and they can recalibrate.

My doc rarely checks free T. I can’t even remember the last time he did. My T is usually 700 to 800-something, occasionally 900-something, depending on the day tested. E is usually 35 to 50. I think SHBG was last checked in 2002.

Has he ever been concerned if your numbers look high compared to ranges or is he focused on how you feel?

Has being on TRT relieved all the symptoms that lead you to start TRT?

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For T, he focuses on well being.

He does take abnormally high values seriously though. Once on Androgel two packs years ago, my T got up to 1500. He lowered the dose to 5 or 7.5 grams (can’t remember) from 10 grams. I made an unscheduled appt. because I didn’t feel right at 1500. I just knew something was off.

I once donated blood when my hct got too high.

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