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Is This Fish Oil Ok?


Today i went to Chinatown and was looking through the stores and found these fish oil tablets


I figured u couldnt go wrong. i got them for 5 dollars. what do u guys think of these? are they ok to take?

one more question.

what do u guys think about natures made fish oil pills or the kirkland brand fish oil pills (both from costco)? is there a difference in quality? those are pretty cheap and i could get them pretty much whenever i need them. WHich one is better of the 2?

Thanks alot


PS. if someone has any recommendations on a fish oil pills, can u please tell me?


They look good IMO.

As for the kirkland etc. I use the kirkland BIG bottle ftropm costco as do many ppl ghere. Lonnie Lowery has even statde that is his preference until something better that is proven comes out. Hint Hint for the Biotest EFA supp.

But yes they should be good.


Thanks alot

I have one last question.

Whens the best time to take these fish oil pills and is it all right if i
take them or am i too young (im 14)




Fish oils are from fish.
Are you too young to eat fish?

Take them with meals to help minimise the fishy burps.


How many pills should i take a day? i was thinking one with breakfast and one with dinner.

is that all right, or should i increase/decrease the amount.?


One or two pills a day probably won't give you the results you're looking for.

I'm taking 10ml of fish oil a day, which works out to approx 3g of EPA and DHA.
I used to use a more highly refined product but don't notice any difference using a standard fish oil (except for in my wallet).

From what I've read, you'd have benefit from taking between 1g to 3g per day which would mean your pill range could be anywhere from 4-10. In taking less than 10/day the possible advantages I can see will be financial and less risk of mercury and PCT exposure.
I reckon the results are worth taking 10/day so I'd say the more the merrier - see what works for you.


SO what are u saying the minimal is? 4-5? should i try to spread it out throughout the day?

thanks alot



Yeah I'd say for those caps 4-5 would be a good start.

If you have problems with the fishyness then spreading out will definitely help, but I haven't heard anything about other advantages to spreading out the dose.
Maybe someone else can chime in about that.

I take it all in one hit coz in liquid form it tastes a bit nasty. When I was using caps I tried spreading out the dosage and taking them all at once, but didn't notice a difference.


I make it simple and take 6 of them bad boys a day. all in one whack but also get good fats throughout the day from things such as walnuts and usually a meal of fatty fish.


This is kind of funny. You're 13 years old and worrying about fish oil.


Shouldn't we be congratulating someone for trying to eat better during their teenage years?

I've only had a few months primary school volunteering experience, but I noticed that many of the kids who had educational and behavioural issues did not have good eating habits.
It doesn't sound like he's obsessing about it, just taking some time to learn about what he's putting in his body.

Fish oil at his age might even help prevent the teen skin woes.

Just a few thoughts.


Costco Kirkland brand, enteric coating. High bioavailability and no fish burps!


Enteric coating? Bah!
The height of decadence!


Eccentric coating is over hyped IMO and in other vitamins such coatings have led to the whole vitamin coming out the other end whole.

Stick with the regular version IMO.


It was either DB or LL who pointed out that there is evidence that enteric coating on fish oil caps have real benefits.

Combine that with the simple difference in bioavailability and you have a winner: 250mg EPA/DHA per cap for the standard Costco caps vs. 440mg per cap for the enteric caps.

That's a pretty substantial difference. Plus no fish burps! To me, it's a decisive win.


Thanks for the info on enteric caps, will check them out.


I used to down a dozen fish oils caps a day until I read that article by TC: 18 things I like (or something like that). Anyway, he recommended Carlson's Fish Oil. It comes in a bottle and it's lemon-flavored. The stuff tasted great. No bullshit. I actually LIKE the way it tastes.

So much easier than taking all those caps, unless you're traveling than I guess the caps have to do.


Thanks alot for the post. my parents were a little scepticle (i think thats the word) about me starting to take these. ill show them this and it will change their mind.

As a whole, we basically all agree that i should take about 5 of them all at one time?

Thanks alot



G'day Tom,

5 is a good number to take (plus or minus one capsule won't make much difference, consistency in taking them will) to see how you react to them. If you find you don't like taking them all at once, try spacing them out.

When it comes to food supplements we each have our own preferences through experimenting and listening to our bodies.

Take care mate.


alpha omega 3 by serrano labs and triple strength fish fats by san are the two best omega 3 supps on the market in my opinion- purity and potency can't be beat.