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Is This Feasible?


Is it possible for a guy who according to science has reached his genetic limit, to run a cycle to exceed the limit, then do PCT and take equal time off, hold on to his gains until his next cycle which will be a cutting cycle and employ compounds to give that hardened look, and once done with the cycle and PCT, hold on to that physique by continuing to cycle a couple times a year?

Not blast & cruise, or not get off at all, but by cycling on and off without a caloric surplus to maintain weight and body fat?

For example, 2 10 week cycles then PCT, or shorter more numerous cycles as explained in the 'Newbie Steroid Cycle' thread, that is 2 on, 2 off?


How does science determine this?


There are some effects of steroids that are essentially permanent. So there is a sense in which you can raise your genetic limit, simply by running even one steroid cycle. Aside from that though, if you intend to do 2 10-week cycles per year, that means you’ll be on almost as much as you’ll be off. You should certainly be able to maintain a physique above what is naturally possible that way if you’re smart and you’re diligent with training and diet all the time. I’m concerned that you don’t know very much about the drug aspect, based on the way you talk about them though… that could be a problem.

Can you show us a picture of what a person looks like (you) at the scientifically proven genetic limit? I’d very much like to see what that looks like.


It’s not me, it’s just a made up person who is at the peak of what he personally can achieve naturally. I have no intention of using AAS until my natural test levels drop, nor am I at my peak.

I was curious as to whether it’s possible for a person to maintain an above genetic limit physique between cycles, without cruising like some people do, assuming he keeps training hard and eating properly.

I understand AAS gains beyond one’s own genetic limit disappear if a person stops using, I was just wondering whether it was possible to hold on to them long enough to get to your next cycle, or is the loss rapid.

I assumed when people were referring to keeping gains, they were referring to gains made inside one’s limits, not those that exceed.

Isn’t that why people who don’t suffer from low test, and aren’t on TRT prefer cruising over PCT, to hold on to gains and avoid yo-yo’ing in weight?


Did you not read my response? I already answered your question.


There are multiple reasons people blast and cruise (cruise being at a TRT dose). The main one for me is the myriad environmental/lifestyle factors which can impact your test levels. Since I have been on a TRT dose (since some time in March following a 12 week test e/primo cycle), I feel much more ‘level’ on a consistent basis. A lot less days where I have to force myself to shuffle into the gym and get some work done due to lack of energy or motivation. I feel better all around, better mood, etc. I never had my levels tested prior to this, but once I get home in a month or two I am going to have my T levels checked while cruising to see where I am at (guessing mid- to high-normal).

Speaking of which, if you can afford the testing (or if your insurance will cover it) I would recommend getting your T tested, regardless of your age. Even for active, weight training gym rats who look like the model of manliness, there is a good chance you are running low. Friend of mine was that type, late 20s (I think, might be mid 20s), Adonis fitness model physique, trained CF and Olympic lifting (USAW Level 1 coach, so he actually has a clue, and isn’t a total koolaid drinker when it comes to CF). Great build, ridiculous physical condition, etc. Started dragging, got tested, came in at a whopping 200. In his article the other day (yesterday?), TC referenced research showing that healthy weight lifter/bodybuilder types are more susceptible to low T than our sedentary brothers.

/End Rant/