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Is This Even Considered a Routine?


I signed up at the YMCA and this is what the trainer told me to do for now since I just started .... does this sound like an alright plan?

Jog 20 min

Chest Press 2-12
Row/Rear Deltoid 2-12
Shoulder Press 2-12
Bicep Curl 2-12
Abdominal 2-12

Thats it..

What do you guys think does that sound decent? I go 3 times a week and im worried if that is not enough.


Is that the only "workout" the trainer gave you, as in you are to only perform this when you go to the gym?

If so, punch him in the babymaker and read up on some real routines on here. That one sucks for many reasons. First, don't do cardio first if putting on size and strength are your goals. You'll just wear yourself out. Next, there's no squats or deadlifts, which should be in every healthy person's workouts. Another thing is the "abdominal" routine. What ab work? Trunk flexion? Trunk extension? Rotation? Needs to be more specific.


thaat looks like the sweetest "i only wanna get upper body strength workout"

find where your trainer lives then visit him at night time and dislocate both of his shoulders' trust me you will be doing everyone in the world a huge favour' then look up TBT by Chad Waterbury or you can do this vice versa with your new found strength you can beat him into pure submission

Come on who is seriously trainin the trainers these days


great replies above.

ask this so called trainer when you are supposed to train the other 3/4 of your body.

cardio/jogging is good and well but aint going to build a good physique alone as a lower body exercise even if your goals isnt to get huge. You need resistance training. If you want the jogging do it on a seperate day or different time in the day reserve that energy for the weights session and get a lower body w/o.



Oh dear... I think I may be in the same boat - except I've been going to the gym for about 9 months now.

My current program starts with a 15 minute cardio workout on a cross-trainer, then the following exercises (pretty much all machine based) for 3 sets of 10 reps.

Bench press
Incline chest press
Leg Extension
Hack Squat
Seated Mts Rows
Wide Chin ups
Seated Shoulder Press
Seated Bicep Curls (12 reps)
Rope Tricep Pulldowns (12 reps)
Cruches (20 reps)
Alternating Arm/Leg Superman

I guess there is slightly more variation in this routine, but should I also consider changing to a T-Nation routine?


The real question is why haven't you already after spending months on T-Nation?


This shouldn't be a question. Read the site for 5 minutes and you should know the answer. That "routine" blows.

A good lifting program should be based around free weight squats, deadlifts, bench presses, rows, overhead presses, chin-ups, dips, curls, and variations of these lifts. You don't even have to touch a machine to get a good workout (although some are okay to use sometimes).


Get yourselves on CW's ABBH 1 that really gave me a good base to do more demanding programs. Not saying that this isnt but it really kept everything nice and basic and gave me decent gains considering it was the first time i had done a proper program off this site. It means now i can do a lot of different variations on the same basic lifts without having to think so much about my form as i used to when i started out.


Alas, I only found T-Nation recently. If I had found it sooner, I would have ditched this 'routine' earlier. =(


I thought jogging was good enough for developing massive legs, are you saying that you have to lift weights too? (sarcasm)

I hope that the program you got was a day one of a two or three day split. This goes for both of you.

Keep it simple. Use big compound movements...

Bench Press
Shoulder Press

Bulgarian Squats

Weighted abdominal work

If gaining muscle is your goal, don't start with cardio.

Pick one goal. Gain strength/muscle, or lose fat/improve cardio. DO NOT try to do both at the same time. Whatever is most important, do that first.

If your trainer is truly incompetent, find a reputable trainer and have him/her teach you a program that you can do on your own, or pick a program here, and have someone teach you how to perform the lifts.

Someone asked who is training these trainers. No one. Anyone can call themselves a trainer. The good ones are not that hard to spot...that is after you wade through all the other idiots handing out bad advice and shitty routines.


I'm sure there are exceptions to this, but generally the guy who's first to OFFER help is the last one you should listen to.

I've seen em at gyms, equipment stores and even the sporting goods department at Sears. The helpful expert who doesn't think you're doing this right, should be doing it at all or wonders why you would ever consider this piece of equipment instead of their recommendation.

Be careful of the well meaning smiley faces who more often than not know little more than you do.


Sounds like someone has been eating too many fortune cookies lately :slight_smile:


I remember when I first walked into a Y at 140 lbs. That gave me a similar routine and had me enter my progress on some 'Fitlinx' machine or some bullshit that would let you know how many pounds you lifted that day. (10 x 100 bench press? Good job, you lifted over 1000 pounds! By that logic, I lifted over 1000 lbs just walking to this stupid machine from the bathroom . . )

But dont go too hard to fast, I wouldn't start lifting heavy till after you primed your body up for 2-3 weeks. Almost killed my roomate when I drug his ass to the gym and had him follow my routine. . .


I have another apointment with him in like 1 week and I have a total of 3 with him..... He is also gona show me how to use the free weights and stuff and once he is done showing me everything I think i am gona do my own thing..... im a begginer and im still trying to figure out my nutrition and everything like that.....once he has shown me everything I am going to do a 3 day a week workout.


Ask him how to do the big lifts that I suggested above. You don't need to spend a lot of time on the machines. Stick to the basics. If he can correctly show you how to perform the exercises above, and you are consistent with your lifting and nutrition, you should see some nice gains.

If he sets you up on a whole program, please post it here, and we will help you sort it out. You don't need a lot of fluff in your program right now.


you can loose fat while still increasing strength and gaining small bits of muscle, esp if your a newbie to lifting. lifting is the best way in my opinion to lose weight ( with a good diet) dont just do cardio to drop weight


Its a routine yeah, but it sucks! Why the 20 min jog? Most joggers are skinny...try 3 min instead then dynamic stretching. Where's the tricep work to balance the bicep work...where's the heavy leg work???

I cud go on but im bored. Looks like you need to read the articles on this site.