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Is This Enough Sets Per Week?


Sorry for the dumb question but after one year of a full body routine 3 times a week (at home) I decided to change my program to this one:

Like I said I’m training at home with almost no equipment (only bands, weighted vest, one kettlebell, etc… ).

I decided to change my program because I was doing too much volume per week and some people here told me to give this program a try.

My question are:

  • is this enough sets per week? Looks pretty low to me.
  • considering I can’t use a lot of weight and that my goal is hypertrophy I probably won’t be able to do only 5 reps (on most exercices). Would it be completely pointless if, when I can’t do only 3-5 reps I do like 8 and, on the high reps day, I go higher than 15-20 ?

You’re not going to be doing the “strength” part of this program with bands and bodyweight. This isn’t the time for you to try this program.


Ok. So If I just want to do 2 upper and 2 lower body training per week, what would you advice?

I would do whatever was necessary to reach fatigue.

If your three day per week plan is working then why change it?

If you must switch to an upper/lower split then write down everything you were doing in a week with the full body stuff. Rearrange that into two upper and two lower sessions per week.

For example, if you did 3 sets of lunges on all three days then that’s 9 total sets per week. Break that into 4 or 5 sets on each of your lower body days to continue doing around 9 sets per week.

Here’s a really great post one of the members of the forum (@T3hPwnisher ) dropped in my log about training with limited equipment.

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