Is This Enough Recovery?

I know some muscles recover faster and slower. Is it okay to hit biceps two days after back?

Example: Back on monday, arms on wednesday. Sometime my biceps are still a tad sore on wednesday from back work but I hit them anyway. Is this okay or will this lead to overtraining. Biceps are my weakest link right now im trying to bring them up.

I think that most people are going to say that this is one of those things that you have to figure out on your own. Experiment and see what works for you.

You’ll have to try it out and see. Give it a go for 12-16 weeks, see if your numbers are going up, and measure your arms if you want. Don’t expect anything special (.25 inches would be GOOD for 12 weeks depending on your level of development). The bottom line is you have to experiment and record your progress to see what works for you.

And forget this over training nonsense. Indirectly hittting your biceps on back day and directly hitting them once a week will NOT lead to over training.

Watch your weights handled and growth as indicators. I was never one to have a specific ‘arm’ day because my arms always got hit well enough from grouping them with back or delts, and I was able to grow with this approach.

Other people will tell you that their biceps and triceps can recover quicker and as such can get direct stimulus on one day, and indirect on another. Be objective with yourself. Also, pay attention to how soon you will train back again after your bicep day. if your back session suffers due to remaining bicep soreness, then it may not be the ideal approach for you.



Like a lot of people said you gotta figure it out on your own.

In my experience as long as I keep my arm volume(not including heavy compound movements for chest and back) around or under 12 sets a week at about a 10 rep per set range I’m fine.
I’ve even spent time doing arm isolations 3 days a week mon wed fri, but I was only doing 3 sets a workout(9 weekly) for each tri and bi but after a few weeks of working my arms almost every other day I just felt like I was overreaching a bit and that progress was slowing.
But personaly I feel I respond best to twice a week and 12sets for weekly volume.

And as far as days apart. If I hit my arms on Monday I feel like Friday is a good time to hit them again