Is This Enough for Big ol' Strong Legs?

Hi, so recently I’ve been wanting to focus on building my skinny legs and was wondering if these exercises are efficient enough to build a routine.
Trap bar deadlift / Hip thrusts / Goblet squats / Single leg Rdls / Hack squats

I want to build up my posterior chain especially glutes (pancake butt) for sports and injury prevention and these are the only exercises that my legs seem to feel or get sore from. Keep in mind I’m 6’6 so squats have never really been my best friend. Any tips from anyone with any experience?
Also, Happy New Year I wish you all a great 2021!!

I’m 6’4ish and I would suggest twice a week. The first time I really focused on them, I did a slow, heavy day (Tuesday)where I only did squats and SDLs. Squats were 2 sets of 10, 4 sets of 8, 4 sets of 6. SDLs I can’t remember sets or reps.
Second day (Saturday) was for size and I kept the the reps above 8. Close stance, wide stance, hacks, leg curls, single leg curls.
This worked really well and legs became my best body part.

-Nothing against unilateral work but it wasn’t popular at that time.

You’ll want some kind of knee flexion exercise. Leg curls (seated preferred) and Nordics are my favourite.

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I really don’t think soreness is a good barometer for progress.

For sports, you can’t go wrong with the good old BB back squat, even if you don’t get sore from it.

Hack Squat (the machine) is great but I’d move it to earlier in the workout so you have more energy to overload it.

apart from all these advices everyone gave, you can also include single leg work like lunges and bulgarian split squat

Don’t completely give up on back squats until you’ve tried wide stance squats. At 6’6" might need to widen your stance more than you first think. I mean sumo-style wide.

You didn’t mention leg press. I wonder why not. You can work your way up to some heavy weight over time. An easy fault is to not use full range of motion. You’ve got to get deep enough to get into your hips and hamstrings. get a wide enough stance to get your thighs to come down outside your torso/chest.

This guy is 6,9.

I get that being tall can make it harder. But what’s the issue with going a bit lighter?

My best leg development was off of:
531 front squat
Same weight back squat 20 reps
Lunges with 25% body weight. 2-4sets of 10 reps. Minimalistic. But effective.


I’ve got pretty big quads and I pretty much do zero isolation work. Squats, front squats and box squats have always worked for me. But take this with a grain of salt as I’m 5’9 not 6’6

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Lots of great ideas so far, including your own ideas, OP. My advice is whatever you do, make it hard as fuck. The only times that I’ve gotten my legs to grow, I was also dreading the gym because I knew how rough it was going to be. I also stopped eating for a couple hours before…