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Is This Effective for Building Muscle?


Day 1: Chest, Biceps

Barbell Bench Press 4x8
Incline Dumbbell bench 4x8
Decline Dumbbell Bench 4x8
machine Fly 3x10

Dumbbell bicep curls 4x8
Preacher curls 4x8
Cable curls 3x10

Day 2: Legs

Squats 5x8
Leg Extensions 4x8
Hamstring curl 4x8
Back extension 3x10
Calf Raises 4x10


Day 3 OFF

Day 4: Back, Shoulders, Triceps

Pull-ups 4x8
Dumbbell Row 4x8
Seated Row 4x8

Dumbbell Press 4x8
2 way shoulders 4x8

Scull crushers 4x8
Dips 4x10
Cable triceps 3x10

Day 5

Split Squats 5x8
DB lunge 4x8
Hamstring curl 4x8
Back extension 3x10
Calf Raises 4x10


Day 6: off

Day 7: ABS


Here’s how to tell if your routine is effective for mass building. I’ll give you the steps to follow to figure it out:

  1. Buy a tape measure and a scale and some piece-of-crap Accumeasure skinfold caliper.
  2. Follow this routine and a bodybuilding diet for a month.
  3. Go back on the scale and see if you gained weight.
  4. Check the mirror and a few skinfold sites to see if you got fat.
  5. Check to see if your measurements (back-chest, shoulder, calves, arms) improved.

That’s the more didactic approach to it.

Here’s a more simple and profound way of checking whether it works:

  1. Follow the program and diet for a month.
  2. Check if you got more jacked.

If you got more jacked, it works. If you didn’t the program ain’t good.


yes it would be…

but it may not be the best thing
for you at the moment

so post stats for a more accurate answer


[quote]Jumper09 wrote:
Day 1: …

No mention of how much you’re eating for your (unposted) stats?

Day 1: Wake up. Start eating.
Day 7: …


thanks for the input i really apprecate it guys. Allright here are my stats i’ve been lifting for about two years.

I’m 5’ 9’ with a weight of a little less than 170.

My max’s are:

Bench: 230
Squat: 310
Clean: 220


If im correct, Day One would be Monday, Yes?
In which case, switch it for back or legs. Seeing as Monday (for some unknown reason) is universally regarded as Chest/Bench (Which means you wont be able to get on any bench. Seriously can someone reveal to me as to why Chest/Bench is that important, Over say Legs/Squat, Back/Deadlift or even Shoulders/Overhead Press’.
Because the most important aspect of the upper body is the V-Taper, Which is the result of a wider upper Back and Wide Shoulders.

Fitness Instructor and Strength Coach
Pontypridd South Wales


i’d say back and shoulders should definately be split into two seperate days. IMO they are too complex of groups to be fully hit at the same time.


ok thanks for the advice. If i give shoulders their own seperate day than what other exercises do you reccomend i do on that day.