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Is this diet up to shaait?

Still a rook and I’m really interested in what the vets here think of my current diet. It’s general as I change my meals and recipes from day to day. My goals are bulking and building as much as possible asap. I’m 6"3, 194, built like a bean pole with a bf% over 18. I’m sposed to be getting 4000cals down a day with a 40%P/40%C/20%C ratio. I strictly follow the P+C, P+F protocol and (with the 3 carb meals in first whenever possible) and I workout at midday.

These are the meals I always eat:

Breakfast (always after 6 hours sleep):
Large bowl of oatmeal, 2 scoops Whey, 1 glass Pure OJ.

2: 4 eggs, 1 cup cooked yams.
3: 300g fried mince, with onions mushrooms, 1 cup cooked yams.
4: 250g fried lean pork with salad, tblsp light olive oil.
5: 400g fried Salmon, with yams for a P+C, with tablspoon olive oil for P+F.
Meal 6: 400g beef mince bolognese with spaghetti.
Meal 7: 200g lean pork / lean chicken breast and veg stir fry.
Pre.W.O: 2 scoops Whey, tblspoon light olive oil and tblspoon crunch peanutbutter, shake in water.
P.W.O: Large bowl of corn flakes, 3 scoops Whey mixed in 1 cup lf milk 1 cup water.

1 orange and apple everyday and other fruit alternately, plenty of lettuce; tomatoes; etc with the meals, some white cheese with P+F meals, 450g of almonds a week, a multivitamin everyday, plenty of water (2L or more).

Milk intake is low - I suspect I’m lactose intolerant, no cottage cheese yes; it’s not availlable here, and my only fat intake is basically light olive oil. Fish oil is impossible to get hold of, but I’ll be sure to have when I maybe cut after 7 more months of gaining. I have a 2pound bag of flaxseed for that phase too.

I don’t have cheat meals, I don’t find them necessary and my bf’s too high to justify it. That’s about it. Crit away and be reasonable. I’m in a body training desert.

  1. get a surge or similiar drink for during/post workout.

  2. grill the food instead of frying.

  3. i would make breakfast bigger. i.e. add some eggs or something.

Hey A. Got some things you can fix here:

  • As P-DOG mentioned here, there are too many fries in your diet. You need to limit the fries to a minimum (if not to zero). Cook, bake, grill, steam or eat raw, as long as you don’t fry. This also gets in the way of your P+C/P+F separation, as the oil in the fries is fat.
  • Besides the fries, your P+C/P+F separation doesn’t seem too strict: Meal 5 has olive oil and yams, meal 2 has eggs (egg yolk is fat) and yam.
  • P/C/F Meal hours: The Spaghetti © in meal 6 should be eaten much earlier (suppose this meal is at evenings), the salmon (P+F) should be eaten later, and so should the eggs.
  • Don’t think you should eat cornflakes PWO; Most cornflakes products have much fiber, and you don’t want these carbs digested slowly PWO. You need simpler carbs PWO. This is also true for vegies - it’s great you eat lots of them, but they also shouldn’t be eaten PWO.
  • Don’t worry about the fish oil - if you consume enough salmon (better raw or smoked), you’ll get enough fat of the good kind (supplied by fish oil as well).

Good luck!