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Is This Diet Still Usable?

Found that article and liked what I saw, but was wondering if any new info since the article was written could help.

I’m worried about my T levels suffering from the diet. Should I supplement with Alpha Male or Tribulus in order to support a healthy T level?

I think I’m going to continue using 1 serving of Plazma for this diet too. Ultimately for the reason of avoiding going catabolic during my training. And my first HSM of the day will have moderate carbs in it too, but after that meal, no more carbs for the day.

This is a low carb approach. I would change Plazma for MAG-10.
Use Brain Candy.
Why are you afraid of dropping T numbers?
Don’t go nuts on the refead.
Swap mag10 for the bcaa’s.

I did something similar, years ago. MAG-10 is a life saver as both a muscle saver and satiater.

JB is on another site now. You could ask him there?

So I’ll sip a serving of MAG-10 during the workout and take in BCAAs post workout. I can manage that.
I’ve read a lot about T levels suffering during low-carb diets.

I stopped taking creatine a while back. Haven’t noticed any decline in my training that’s obvious enough. What are your thoughts on creatine?

You could also try 2 servings of MAG-10 split into 4 in a day. Just a thought. A tub would last you 2 weeks.

I love creatine. Best bang for your buck out there.

T levels don’t just drop over night. That is why the re feed every 14 days. Also, ZMA every night will help a bit with that.

Try it for a few cycles. Then re evaluate.

Diets don’t stop being usable because time has past since someone wrote a template for it. How would they?