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Is This Diet Sound?

Hey guys,

I just made a food log recently and was really surprised how few calories and grams of protein I was taking in (I should have done this much sooner!). I’m going to ramp up my calories soon and do some more volume work. The goal is to gain around 10 lbs or so. What do you guys think of this diet?

Wake up
4 eggs scrambled (394 calories, 27 grams protein)
protein shake (milk and protein 240 calories, 31 grams protein)
table spoon of flax seed oil, mixed into protein shake(125 calories)
flax cereal (100 calories, 4 grams protein)

mid afternoon snack
cup of almonds (480 calories, 18 grams protein)

Chicken breast (170 calories, 34 grams protein)
2 slices of bread (220 calories, 8 grams protein)
protein shake (milk and protein 240 calories, 31 grams protein)

Late afternoon snack
protein shake (milk and protein 240 calories, 31 grams protein)
Banana (172 calories, 3 grams protein)

Two Beef patties (350 calories, 45 grams protein)
2 slices of bread (220 calories, 8 grams protein)
protein shake (milk and protein 240 calories, 31 grams protein)
table spoon of flax seed oil, mixed into protein shake (125 calories)
various vegetables

After dinner snack
4 Tbspoons natural peanut butter (210 calories, 16 grams protein)
Apple (85 calories)

Before bed
Low-Carb Orange Grow! and milk (240 calories, 28 gram protein)

Total protein: 315 grams
Total calories: 3851 calories

WAY to much bread ceraels etc for me but thats me. if it is filling your goals I have seen MUCH worse. Looks fairly healthy.

Also mid afternoonm snack needs a GOOD protein source to go along with the fats.

Some things to look for, if you want to tweak it even further:

Nutrient timing:

The best time to eat carbs is after you wake up. You want to replenish youreslf after an 8 hour+ fast (you DO sleep more than 8 hours I hope…) AND before and after a workout. A generous serving of oatmeal with low fat milk and 2-3 scoops of Grow! is great.

Fats before going to bed! I blend a disgusting shake of cottage cheese and peanut butter for a great fat and protein snack to eat before bed. It helps with slowing down the metabolism while you sleep.

Those two are pretty easy to follow. Harder to follow but definitely worth trying is to eat only P + F or P + C meals. It looks like you’re past the general idea of not drinking soda or donuts or other disgusting F + C foods, but you can take it a step further and have only around 10 grams of carbs with every P + F meal and about only 5 grams of fat with every P + C meal.

Finally, some foods I suggest you try:

TUNA. Holy jesus tuna. This is a Godsend. A true Godsend. Two cans of lite tuna in olive oil = well over 600 calories, around 20-30 grams of fat, and SEVENTY GRAMS OF PROTEIN. Tuna is unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.

Oatmeal. This is the best carb choice. Whole grain bread (and pasta to an extent) is great but nothing beats 100% rolled oats.

Cottage cheese. Cottage cheese (along with peanut butter) is the easiest thing to eat for protein (and fat, respectively). As I said, mixing some cottage cheese with peanut butter makes a high calorie, high protein and fat meal quick and easy.

Try to add those in your meal plan if yours ever gets dull. Although, I do think you should throw in some tuna right away. I don’t think I could live without it heh.

Thanks for the responses. I’ll definately try that cottage cheese/peanut butter combo. Sounds… disgustingly nutritious. I’ll work on the P+F and P+C, that’s something I will have to experiment with. This might be hersey, but I’ve never tried tuna. I can just imagine the “WTF” response from everyone reading this. I definately have that gag reaction with fish, but this might just be too good of a meal to pass up.

As long as you don’t puke up your food, gag all you want! Seriously, I’m with you on the whole fish thing, I can’t stand seafood. The only time I like shrim is when it’s battered in so much fat and whatever other shit they put on it that there’s less shrimp than there is other shit. And dont’ even get me started on lobster. The only fun I have going out for lobster is cracking the fucker open.

But tuna is just amazing. If it’s in olive oil it tastes really quite good, don’t drain the oil, just pour two cans (or one to start) in a bowl, add some celery (I add a lot, can’t go wrong with veggies), mix, and eat. Sometimes I add lemon juice over the whole thing for zest, but I don’t know how well that goes with olive oil. Until recently, I only ate tuna in water, but I found that it got kind of soggy sometimes. Plus the extra calories from the olive oil are amazing. ANYWAYS. Eat tuna.