Is this Deca D*ck or Usual?

Hi All,

About a year or so ago I started TRT. Doc had me start at 150mg/week, then upped to 200mg/week although he was mistaken on that. The script was for 200mg/week, but he had me injection .45ml twice a week of 200mg/ml test. So slightly below the 200mg/week.

Initially the water weight shot up, then came in under control. No AI, etc.

A few weeks ago I told the doc I’d like to bulk up for summer…he said he can put me on 13 or 14 weeks of Deca at 140mg/week. Had that shipped out along with my new vials of Testosterone which somehow I got over-supplied.

So I upped my T to .55ml twice a week (220mg/week?) along with 140mg/week of Deca. Shots are semi sub Q and semi IM, I say that because I put it right into my chest…I think it’s going into both muscle and fat.

Anyways, I’m almost 3 weeks into the Deca/higher T and my Dick didn’t work last night with a hot ass lady over.

In the AM I had put half of a 25 mg Cialis sublingual under my tongue. About an hour or so before the engagement I had put another quarter of the 25 mg sublingual under my tongue.

Girl was naked, rubbing up on me, ready to go down on me etc but the dick didn’t work.

I’ve had this happen before from being nervous, but this wasn’t the case.

My dick is all small, pulled in…best way I can describe it. Is this Deca dick?

BTW I had blood tests done before, E2 Sensitive in the 60’s and I was feeling great. No libido issues, no gyno, etc.

I also inject HCG.

How can I get rid of the Deca Dick, if that’s what it is? At such a low dose?!

The gains ARE coming strong, it’s insane on such a low dose of T/Deca. Is this just the price to pay?!

Sorry to hear this.

The scenario described could in fact be deca dick for sure. Mental disconnection with your unit and such. However the size and composition of your manhood is typically unscathed.

What a doc!

What a pharmacy!


In my opinion I’m thankful for the doc and pharmacy. Why? Because they put me on a very low dose, and, I don’t have to go UGL. God Bless America.

Unless you’re one of the guys who has no working penis for years. You’ll probably be on the verge of joining ISIS at that point.


Which do you prefer? Erectile dysfunction or massive gains

Personally I’d prefer the ED because I’m not currently with anyone nor can I figure out how to seduce girls

The neurological sides stemming from deca can last quite a while, manifesting post use… even after the drug has cleared you’re system

The majority of the gains ARE probably from the deca, Nandrolone is rather potent, even in low dosages

Hi All,

I’m at 220mg/week of Test and 135mg/week of Deca - both prescribed and pharma grade.

I’m about 5 weeks into this cycle and I’m noticing the full-on effects of Deca Dick.

I used to take 10 mg of Cialis and feel amazing, now 20 mg won’t even help me keep it up for more than 5-10 minutes. It just goes away.

I’m now 5 “experiences” in with this HOT woman and the excuse of me lacking sleep isn’t going to work much longer.

Made a decision to STOP the Deca short and I’m dropping by T down to 180mg/Week, like before.

My recent bloods are below - I’ve always felt good at higher Estrogen - no other good/fast solution to deca Dick than to stop and wait wait wait huh?

Any suggestions on my Vit D being on the lower end? I eat 4 quality eggs per day, take a good Vit D supplement, eat mushrooms, etc…don’t understand how it’s at the very low end.

Sounds like it to me. I had the same problem running a slightly higher but still low dose. It took several months for it to abate sadly.

I will never understand this, I don’t get it, some run deca at 500+ and experienced 0 dick issues, some get deca dick at 100.

You hear this a lot different cases, Could it not be because of the lab/product? The balance of the gear, quality I wonder.

I don’t get it, how can it be possible that it varies so much per person while on other compounds it is mostly the same, I really like to think that with Deca the product quality/make up can make the difference between side effects.

But of course I’m not sure if that’s actually possible.

Im also starting to think think that maybe a too low dose of deca can also negatively impact someone, I get the same good feeling as I get on dbol mentally when the deca is about 400, while if it was lower when tapering off, I felt the opposite.

I think it has to do with the way it affects dopamine and serotonin.

Personally I get ED from Tren, but then I just deal with it and stay focused on the gym, chasing pussy just puts me in dumb situations and bad descisions anyway lol, rather lay off and get some good gainz.

Thanks for your input brah. Re the Pussy - I understand. At the same time, I have a HOT ass woman right now slightly older than me (preferred) who’s down for (and asking for) the things I’ve always wanted. I cannot keep it up for more than 5-10 minutes, even with 20 mg of Cialis - this is crazy. I stopped the Deca as of this morning, fuck that.

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Man haha, I had this on Tren one time.

I was dating a really hot chick, beauty pageant, and we were one time really wasted on a hotel party, I ended up with her and her female friend on the bathroom with locked door, basically was going to be a threesome.

My gf was on her knees working really hard, putting in a lot of effort, and her friend was standing beside me kissing me, no matter what they did the dick was D-E-A-D, 100% F.U on me. They even didn’t mind and thought I was just wasted so they understood and kept trying, NOTHING WORKED.

Worst damn sex fail of my life lmao, still cringe hard when I think about it to this day.

I’m done with the Deca brah…I’ll take the slow gains from TRT, don’t need this problem. Not worth it. Any way I can clear this out of my system faster than usual? Any temporary fix I can do until it’s out of my system?

Do you always run HCG on cycles? even with just Test?

I notice a lot of people do this, and over abundance of AI.

Opinions seem to be very uneven on this.

Personally I never run HCG during a cycle, only with my first cycle ever.

And AI only when I feel issues coming.

In general I feel great mentally and sexually, its usually with I start messing too much with AI’s and Anti Progest’s, PCT meds etc that my mood and sex suffer, well, and Tren.

Would be interested to hear others inputs on this.

But of course if it’s really the Deca thats causing totally understandable that you stop, you can get gains with test as well.

I popped 1 full, 1 half, then again 1 full pill of Exemestane 25 mg Over the past one week – this was just a reaction to my estrogen coming in at 80. I have never and will not continue to use the A/I. Just a temporary measure.

As of today I lowered my testosterone back down to 180 mg/week, 40 units of HCG. Noooooo Deca, done.

I inject twice a week. Never had issues until Deca. Piece of shit!

Understand haha, if you feel better that way then better yeah leave it out.

Also if you really want to bulk up some you could always just up the Test a bit, It wouldn’t be much different gains wise than the Deca you added, you could get the same gains, with less issues.

Got it - is there a chance my erection can be effected with too much T in the system as well? Or that can only happen with too much converting to E?

I think that some are more susceptible than others when it comes to the neurotransmitter effects of Deca for whatever reason.

Yes, some such as myself don’t appear at all susceptible to the effect

Aside from the ever so slightest reduction in libido I notice nothing aside from the fact that I’m not constantly in pain

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