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Is this dbol?

Is d-bol(methandrostenolone) the same as Mexican Ganabol (methandianona)?
I assume it is since both are methand…
My source claims that Ganabol is better than Reforvit B, but I cannot find anything on it. Can anyone here help me out?

I have not heard of Mexican Ganabol being the same as d-bol. The only Ganabol that I know of is Equipoise, which was orginally produced in South America, that does not mean there isn’t a Mexican version. The South American Ganabol comes in 50ml or 100ml at 25mg/ml and 50mg/ml. I am not saying what you have is fake, but I would research more before taking part. I will do some searching for you. Stay Tuned!!

Mexican Ganabol is NOT dbol. It is equipoise, a completely different steroid. They are very similar in chemical composition, but do completely different things. Is Ganabol better than Reforvit? it depends on what you want it for. Equipoise has very few side effects, little water retention, and gives more strength gains than size. Reforvit is exactly the opposite.

yeah its dbol, and the guys I know who’ve taken it claim that it is in fact more effective than the already effective reforvit. It is/was made by Salud animal Health in Mexico, but the name has been changed from Ganabol to Dianabol. Yeah you read that right. comes in 10, 50, and 100cc sizes