Is This Dbol Any Good?

Thinking of trying some Bal. Dbol…anyone used this and got any feedback on it??Was using another lab last time but not too impressed with the results so thinking of switching it up…What’s the Bal. Dbol like?

Please do not refer to any company names or sources.

Its a brand of Dbol and i’m asking those who use it for their views? What’s the problem??This is what boards are for aren’t they?

You’re allowed to refer to companies, just not say their names. This forum is not for releasing the information of sources, which includes company names for gear.

Its hit or miss on the reviews. I know some guys who love it and some who think its crap. I never tried it.

Pretty crap in my experience, generally underdosed and overpriced, cant beat BD imo or powder - capping your own.