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Is This D-Bol Cycle Ready?

       Hey everyone on T-Nation, first of all this site is pretty helpful and informational. i've been reading on d-bol what to do and what not to do. Im planning to do D-bol cycle for 4 weeks with nolvadex PCT post cycle for 2 weeks.

Weight:185 lbs. (I started at 140 lbs, so i gain 45 lbs naturally.)

D-bol dose:
week 1: 30mg/AD
week 2: 50mg/AD
week 3: 50mg/AD
week 4: 60mg/ad

Nolvedex Post cycle:
week 1: 20mg/AD
week 2: 20mg/AD

Im asking for you advise and any other opinions. thank you.


You need to run an injectable testosterone for your first cycle. You can run it longer, make bigger gains and keep a larger percentage of your gains. My .02.


Injectable test... Nah I'm not a needle kind of guy. Can't I just use a pill form?


If your asking these questions, you shouldn't be screwing around with gear.

Do some more research.


What the crap does AD mean?

And what "kind of guy" is it that you are, that doesn't use injectable test? A wimp?


After dinner?


And Doritos




What are your expectations with this cycle? If you cant stick yourself then get out of the steroid forum cause you cant handle aas usage or the side effects. Also, no you cant just take an oral test.


if i was doing dbol only, id run it 6-8 weeks at a minimum..


Minimum? I wouldn't even recommend it go beyond 5.


Your reasoning is flawed, as contrl said the area of 5 weeks should be a max length of dbol dosages. Certain steroids will give certain results, running them extended amounts of time to change the results doesnt make sense, and will cause the most sides/damage.


This thread as a whole makes my liver hurt....

6-8 weeks minimum of D-bol.... wow....


You know i was the same, all this don't like needle's crap, i was shitting my self sticking it in (needle), reading t nation onr day i just balls'd up one day raced back to my appartment and did it, just hard n up do it, what it might hurt a bit and your a wimp so you pull it out, have a go boy. jp


just to let you guys know that ive been taking tribuloid for the past 6weeks, and wondering if that is that good enuff, i aint tryin to get that big not like a bodybuilder status. i just wanna gain bout another 15 lbs to keep from dbol and from there start cutting.


It seems like you already have your mind made up no matter what.

You probably won't keep your gains from a D-bol only cycle but if you want to try, its your choice. Come back and post your results 3 or 4 weeks after you stop the D-bol.


buahahaha, you just want to gain 15 lbs on d-bol and keep it? Hehehe, you would be lucky to keep half of that... Go read some more.


No but there is a diaphram for the vagina to help get over the pain. I look foward to my shots. Its the kinda pain that makes you feel alive. If you want the gains (and keep them) man up and take it.


This is the #1 thing newbies say that piss me off. It's like people are so ignorant they think that if they lift a dumbbell just one_too_many_times they'll accidentally get HUGE.


leave the guy alone... he likes to give oral rather then get poked....