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Is This Cycle Worth It?

I mentioned in previous posts that I was going to an “Anti-Aging” doc to look into him putting me on some growth and test.

This past week my appointment came and the doc prescribed me the following:

1 IU hgh daily
1/2 Arimidex twice a week
1 100 mg of test cypionate once a week

From what I’ve been reading I don’t think the HGH or the test is enough. I was hoping for at least 2 IUs ED.

The doc said that the arimidex alone would lower estrogen and increase my testosterone level to make gains. It sounds good on paper. What do you think?

Now the cost for all of this:
HGH $575 a month for the 1 IU a day.
Test $50 for 10 ML 100 mg.
Arimidex 1 pill = $8.50

Any opinions?

You answered it yourself, the cycle isn’t significant enough for a lab rat.

The black market would be much cheaper…just get the drugs you have a script 4 from your doc…in case a bust or seizure occurs you’ll have a legitimate reason 4 possesion.


Can you stockpile it?

I guess I could stock pile it but even then that would be a lot of saving and a lot of money.

Plus he wants me to do bloodwork every three months. After three months he’d see that my levels haven’t changed and he might suspect sumptin.

It’s hard to turn a script down though.

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i would find a new doc…unless your hormonal levels are extremely low, i doubt any of that would help much. and at that cost…wow.

Having the script is awesome but no I don’t think its worth it at all for that kind of money!