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Is this cycle worth doing?

Hey guys. Long-time reader, first time poster here. My question is, I have in my possession about 8 ml of test cypionate 100mg/ml and 9 tablets of Nolvadex 10mg, is this a cycle I can expect to benefit from? I was thinking of doing Week 1 and 2: 3ml Week 2: 2ml. Not expecting to make GREAT gains, but can is this even worth it? Also, any suggestions on when to take the Nolvadex would be appreciated, as I am experienced in training, but not this particular aspect. Thanks, SF

Just some additional info on me. 24 years old, 6’3", 200lbs, 8% bodyfat. Have been training consistently for 3 years. Sorry I didn’t include this in the earlier post.

you don’t have much gear for a long cycle but you could make some gains with what you got on a 2 week cycle. if you had some clomid then i think its worth it. or at least something to prevent inhibition of the HPTA. tribex could help. here’s what i would do: Day 1 do all your t-cypt of 800mg. Also take 4 tabs (200mg) of Clomid on that day. Then take 1 tab (50mg) of Clomid every day until the end of Week 3. That is a total of 24 tabs of clomid, which might be conservative, but you’ll keep your gains at least. just my $.02. as a side note, look at the old articles/posts of Brock and Bill for suggestions on short cycles. Good luck.

You’d get better results on 70 sprays androsol 2 times a day…if you insist on that does why not add androsol and/or nandrosol to that. That might get you somewhere.

No, you have about 1/5th - 1/0th the test
you need to make this remotely effective. -


Thanks to everyone who replied, you’ve helped me out a lot. I think I may re-weigh my options and get some more test and stack w/ winstrol caps. Thanks again, guys.

If you took all 800 mg on day 1 (separate
injections none larger than 3 cc) then you
might get a pound or two out of it. Sort
of an intro to steroid use, or a “gateway
cycle” :wink: