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Is This Cycle Safe?

hello ,
i’m 29 years old , my tall 186 cm , my weight 110 kg.
i’m playing at gym 4 months ago … now i decided to go cycle … i would like to make a bulk body … not cutting … just normal bulk body … the trainer adviced me with this cycle for 6 weeks …
susta / prima / wenstrol / clen / proviron

i just heard this will side effect that i won’t get kids in future or something … i just wanna know is that true ?

is this a safe cycle ? thanks

No. I believe you are 6’ and 20 lbs with only 4 months in the gym? Trainer not helping you. At your age you can make big improvements with a solid diet and hard training. But to your cycle, no. It’s more of an advanced cycle.
I suggest keep training and get a good diet together.
And get rid of that trainer. Let me guess, he probably knows where to get that juice too, doesn’t he? Haha…

Um, no, and fuck no, and hell fucking no.


You trollin bro?

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Pretty much what everyone else said above.

Maybe you shouldn’t lel

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Lmao yes please don’t procreate! Natural selection and all that jazz.

No!!! You have no business on a cycle… Oh, and you should also kill your trainer so he doesn’t reproduce and spread his fucking stupidity in this world.