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Is This Cycle Good?



I am planning to start on my next cycle in May. My last cycle was Testo P 550mg/week (150mg EOD ), and Deca Dekanoate 400mg EW.

Now I want a cycle to focus mainly on strength, but also need to pack on some more mass. I am attending a strongman competition in late june.

My planned cycle looks like this:

w1-10 Testo E 500mg EW
w1-10 EQ 400mg EW
w1-4 Anvar 20-30mg ED
w4-12 Halotestin 10mg before every workout

Also plan to run hCG along with the cycle

Proviron and clomid for pct.

Should I maybe run Testo Prop from week 10-12, so I have Testo in my body until I start PCT?


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where is the AI?


ah..sure. I shouldn't use halo for more than max 6 weeks? AI?


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like nolva ? I usually don't take that along the cycle, as long as I do not experience any unwanted effects from the Test


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ah..yes. arimidex. should I use that along the whole cycle?


o man


if you don't have any sensible to say, so do not post anything on this thread. I was asking for advice in a humble way, because i want answers from experienced aas users. No need to muck me, since I could't care less anyway


Florre, what I THINK BBB meant in his post was something like this: Look, this is YOUR health you're dealing with, here. Once this thread is done, no one on this board with likely ever think about it again. You, on the other hand, are the one injecting the drugs and potentially endangering YOUR health.

You would be best off doing some more research on how to safely run a cycle and how to counter side effects if they do indeed show up. To hammer the point home: this is YOUR health. KNOW what you're doing.

Not to worry, though. Everyone started somewhere, and it was likely as uneducated if not worse at that time, but really, you should know more about AAS before you use them. The stickies at the top of the forum are a good place to start. You'll be able to find the answer to your "AI?" question there, too, along with how to use one on your cycle.

Good luck :slight_smile:


Ok, I've been a member of this site for MANY years, and if you look at my post count, you'll see that I'm not a "post hog", but this time I have to chime in.
BBB is a good guy and he knows his shit. If he gives you advice, listen to him, and be appreciative. BBB only had your best interest in mind when he posted.
If you're going to play in the sandbox with the big boys, you have to learn not to get your feelings hurt so easily.
Peace, and when you finally take the plunge, goodluck on your cycle.


I did not mean BBB ofc. He came with good advice. I mean like the people who just come up with brainless comments like just " o man" or similar, without cintributing in any way.

So BBB: Thank you for advice. :slight_smile:

Btw..my feeling are not hurt :stuck_out_tongue:


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ofc..therefore I am asking on forums like this :slight_smile: But to get it straight: Aromatase inhibitor like arimidex or aromasin..should I use i throughout the whole cycle?


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Let me say that first of all I agree that you need to do more research... that being said...

I would personally like to see EQ run longer (and the test then as well). Also, is there a reason you aren't using deca again instead of eq? Not that I have a problem with EQ, but if you've used deca before and liked it, Id consider sticking with what you have experience with. Also I would just drop the halotestin altogether, shit is nasty.