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Is This Cycle Crazy?


Hi guys,

A good friend of mine is starting his 5th (or so) cycle and he wants to go all in. He got his gear and his cycle will look like this:

Week 1-10: Test E 500mg/week
Week 1-10: Deca Durabolin 500mg/week
Week 1-10: Parabolan 200mg/week
Week 1-10: Winstrol depot (injectable) 100mg/week
Week 1-10: HGH 5iu / day

After this cycle he will not PCT, but continue to take the HGH at 5iu/day for a month. Directly after that month he will do another 10 weeks at the exact dosages mentioned above (during the first 10 weeks). After the second 10 week cycle he will PCT with Nolva and Clomid.

This means 2 x 10 week cycles with HGH with a month in between (during this month still taking the HGH).

He has Letro if gyno should appear (both from the test and 19-nor).

I've called him insane, but I'd still like your comments.


Remember he has done 5 cycles before and is an experienced lifter. But still...


If he wants to do 10 weeks with a cruise in between he should run some test during that time frame.

And for the winstrol he is going to do 14mg/day? You need more than that to make it worthwhile. I’d just say leave it out.


I think he’s crazy for using Deca instead of swapping it out for more tren, but other than that no I don’t think he’s crazy.


crazy would be ditching the winny and para and adding abombs and tren


[quote]jared530 wrote:
crazy would be ditching the winny and para and adding abombs and tren[/quote]

Come again? Parabolan is tren.


He is still going to have a good amount of deca in his system the month he takes off, so he really isn’t going to be off at all. Since he isn’t running any pct between cycles or allowing his body to recover hpta between cycles, why even take the month off? Just run a straight 20 weeks.

Also, don’t forget to frontload the deca and test.