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Is This Cut Too Heavy?


Hey Guys,

Wondering, as of right now I'm trying to cut my last few lbs off for the end of Oct. I'm at approx 15% BFP at 174 Lbs.

Heres my Diet / Workout Routine:
Any suggestions to peeling off those last few lbs.

Mon: on / Tues: Off/ Wed: On/ Thurs: Off/
Fri:on/Sat: Rest/Sun:off/

Day ON:
Cardio 20 Mins - Run at full Incline.
Squats: 5 Sets of 50% Weight to Failure.
Dead lifts: 5 Sets of 50% Weight to Failure.
Bench Press: 5 Sets of 50% Weight to Failure.
Cardio: 20 minutes Stair Master.
Each Day on I do a Isolation Exercise on a Arm Muscle Bi / Tri or Forearm

Then last... I push out about as much cardio as possible.
Usually get between 10-20 more minutes.

Day Off:

60 Minutes of Cardio, between each 20 Minutes ill do a 5 Set abdominal exercise to failure.

5 Sets of Leg Lifts to Failure
5 Sets of Decline Crunches to Failure.
5 Sets of Swiss Ball to Failure

(all my meals are similar to this.. with slight variation)

Breakfast - 2 Boiled Eggs 2 Whites.
2 slice's of Ham
30 g Protein and Water.

11am - 30 g Protein Shake with Water

Lunch: Large Salad and 2 Cans of Tuna

3pm: 30g Protein Shake and water.

Supper: 30g Protein Shake and water, Chicken Breast and Steamed Veggies.

I'm taking Fiber Supplement Daily, along with an ECA stack 20/200/100, Fish Oil and Flax Oil, Multi Vitamin.
Drinking between 3-4 L of Water Daily.


You're going too light on your work sets. You'll probably have better results if you raise the weight a little even if it means a few less reps.

Here's a quote from Dr. Squat: "IMHO, 55% is the absolute cutoff point for any form of weight training. This is predicated on the length of time it takes to get max innervation to the working muscles in comparison to how long it takes to complete the lift. Clearly, if the lift is over before max innervation is able to be realized, where's the overload?"

Most consider anything below 60% to be a warmup. Usually 60% translates to about 20 reps so if you're getting more than 200 reps, i'd put the weight up. You're not really reaching failure, just working the burn.



Ok stu, I'll try and crank it up to 70%.
See where it goes from there,
I'll post a Pic later, and id like to know if anyone thinks my loss is realistic.