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Is this COOL split good? Reply and comment please!

Hello all.

I have been using a bunch of splits lately and determined that my muscles respond well to frequent bodypart workouts, better than to 1x a week.
Also I know that train for function and your physique will improve.

My split that I want to try. It is old fashioned but with modern twists and turns

Heavy day
Low rep parallel squat
deadlift low + medium reps
power clean
military push press

medium day

Escalating density (EDT)
leg press superset with lat pulldown
bench and bent over barbell rows

Light day

bent over barbel rows 1-3 sets
incline bench 1-3 sets

EDT style superset for 10 minutes
shoulder press
calve press
and for 10 minutes
bicep curl tricep ez-curl EDT type of lifting

Oh and few sets of abs each training days.

Reason this split looks so different is that I want all. Mass, strength,
and variety. I primary lift for mass, but I know that if you just lift for mass
with no regard for strenth, you wont gain 100%. If you lift primary for strentgth, then you wont gain mass 100% either. This split seems to address all issues. Further more it
has light medium and heavy day so that it isnt too easy or too hard.

what is your idea? Reply please!