Is This Considered Depth?

Here’s another vid for better quality:

From that angle, it looks fine to me. Every rulebook I know of says the hip must be below the knee - I take that to mean the crease of the hip when in the hole. It is easiest to judge in profile.

One thing to be aware of is how the rule is interpreted - my understanding is that some federations view hip at knee height as acceptable and others vigorously enforce the ‘below’ aspect. I also have heard numerous accounts of judging without the same federation being inconsistent, so for myself I always aim to have my hip very visibly below the knee to ensure that my lift cannot be red lighted for depth. You need to strike a balance between hitting depth and going needlessly deep - to me, from your video, it seems like you do that just fine.

the video is not at an appropriate angle to judge depth, and every fed is different in how they judge anyway.