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Is this considered a metrosexual maleor whatever its called?

Yea spending $450 on dinner does sound dumb but whats wrong with doing it once in a blue moon. Like once every 5 years on a special occassion or something like that. I might do it for an anniversary like getting rid of cancer.

You live once remember that so, is it gay to spend money on food if you think you will enjoy it?

As long as you take two women to dinner and go home for a rocking threesome the metro thing isn’t a big deal.

Just kidding. If you’ve got the money then enjoy it. Don’t sweat what other people think.

If you can afford it, do it.

Alain Ducasse is a master.

Until you have had great food, there is no way that you can comprehend this question.


Add the valet, alcohol, and tip and you’re near a grand.

As for it being gay. Again, do you really care what people here think? Do whatever makes you happy. I know I do.

Seems stupid to me (especially if you are not absolutely going to get pussy based on the meal), but not gay.

However, caring about other people’s opinions on it is gay.

do you get blowjob while you eat?

Not metrosexual, just a big waste of money :wink:

Mike Mahler

I think I heard somewhere that Mahler is a vegetarian. Imagine eating $450 worth of veggies! Yuckaroo.