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Is this considered a metrosexual maleor whatever its called?

I like to dine out and sometimes its, not just dinning out its going to somewhere like Alain Ducassee resaurant “Essex House” in NYC where dinner for two will cost around $450, without liquor. Is this consider a metrosexual male or what ever you call it or is it just a male that like to sometimes enjoy the finer things in life? Mind you I haven’t been there yet but I do want to go.

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Silas C.

It’s called a waste of money.

Go eat a steak.

you’re a male with refined/sophisticated taste. while a lot of meteros like that type of shit, i don’t think it makes you a metero.

This is not necessarily a meterosexual thing. It all depends on a whole, overall picture. If all other aspects of ones life is not meterosexually-inclined, I would just call this a man who can also appreciate nice things.

No fucking kidding.

It boggles my mind to see how one could spend that much money on food.

In my opinion there are much more fulfilling ways to put money to good use than spending it on restauraunts like that, but its your money, whatever…

As was said before, who gives a shit, if you like what you do, do it, don’t even worry about classifying it. Base your actions on something other than what society perceives, like your own beliefs, even if it means paying ridiculous amounts of money for whatever it may be.

It’d make one expensive turd!

Fitone. I like to think that, I too, enjoy the finer things in life. However, I simply cannot justify spending that kind of cheddar without including alcohol.

I did look at their impressive winelist. I’m not a cork dork by any stretch, but it looks like they have a nice cellar.

As for the metro. Do you really care? If you got the coin and the desire, go for it! Just remember, you can’t spend yourself rich.

shame on you.

Yes, that is sooo Metrosexual. You might as well relinquish your balls and donate them to a good cause cause youre not using them.

jk. Spending way too much money on something that isnt worth it…Ive, uh, read, that can also be a manly quality (albeit usually on power tools and the like). You just have an extravagant taste. If you need any help spending money, let me know.

That’s a car payment for me. I wouldn’t spend that kind of dough on dinner unless it was my 10 year anniversary.

If you think you’re being metero, you probably are. Besides, it sounds like you’re just tooting your own horn, and that would be metero.



No it’s not metrosexual. It’s called class!

FitOne, you just blew a lot of credibility with me. $450 for dinner? Sorry, that is just ego-busting stupid. That’s 50 2000 calorie meals at McDonalds man.

do you watch queer eye?

$450 is a months worth of groceries. You’re going to spend on one meal, more then what most would spend all month on food?

fitone, why do you want to go? Just curious. If you want to go because of it being a certain status symbol (conspicuous consumption), then that doesn’t make you metro/gay. If you’re going because of certain dishes they offer there, then yes, that’s a bit metro. If you’re going because of Rick, the cute waiter, then you are gay and stupid.

Also, I think people are being a little rough on fitone for this. While it may not be the choice we all make, it may be worth it to him. If he’s got the money, then he should be able to enjoy it.

If that fits within your household budget, then more power to you. It just means you’ve got bucks to burn, in my opinion.

For me, classy means I order the Balsamic Steak at Champps instead of the Patty Melt.

If I had $450 I’d blow it on my next cycle, not a one time meal that’s going to get flushed down a toilet within 24 hours.

Wait, I did just blow $450 on my next cycle.

Fuck it dude,

I say do what you want, it’s YOUR dough. Go and enjoy for all of us unrefined fucks who have niether the scratch or taste to enjoy something like that. If you need to have your exsistence validated by going to an super espensive restaurant then go right ahead. It’s your world, not ours.


Oh and it does seem like a metro thing to do, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Depends how much money you make.If you make $100 000+ I’d say go for it once in a while.If you make 50 grand you’re an idiot.Invest that money!

Then again, 100 grand ain’t much in NYC is it?