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Is this Chick a Racist?


I don't care even if she was tbh, you can't stay mad at such a good looking girl.


I can.


Calm down.






I wish I was in HER land of cotton.


its not racist, its an actual flag lol


My cousin Antwan down at Ole Miss says she isn't.


it's not racist if she's on top of you



I had to sign up just to ask you something.

What is the sauce for your avatar picture?


Is Pantera racist too?


Is the confederacy synonymous with racism?


I'd give her a stern talking to about racial equality, after hitting it two times.


Phil is.

I am sure this chick loves the black guys. Most hot girls do.


Oh shit, this makes the general lee racist.

I love that car.


No hips. I am guessing she has "lackofass" syndrome.


no shit prof, she's white and moderately skinny.

And as far as the flag goes, "Heritage not Hate".

edit: and by the way, I'd hit it like the fist of an angry god, until there was nothing left to hit.


My anaconda don't. want. none.....well, my anaconda might take a look around, assess the substructure, root out the intake valve and clean the pipes...but it prefers buns hun.


Really? Every black guy I know tell's me how hard it is for them to date white women 'cause white women generally want nothing to do with them aside from being "friends". Also, who gives a shit if this chick's racist? She's gonna get pregnant wearing that...


How did you get Anaconda... oh wait...