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Is This Car Worth It? (Craigslist)



it has a bodykit and it's yellow... (half kidding)

but i dont know how to drive clutch

do you car experts think its worth the money considering its a 17 year old car?

i kind of have a thing for 1990's Japanese sports cars.


dude buy me a ticket to mass and i'll come pick it up with you and teach you how to ride my stick.

erhm, drive stick.


sure dude, just bring condoms this time =)




Looks solid, everything major has already been replaced... pretty reasonable price considering all the work its had done...

if ya like it, go for it....

just get a friend who can drive stick to go with and make sure you take it for a test drive, having a mechanic do a check on it would also be a good idea... carfax maybe??

go for it !! I always liked that body style....


The blue R1 Yamaha next it is! I know, I know, I'm out. leaves head down


Ask for the VIN and check Carfax to see what the car has been up to (how many owners, maybe it has been totaled, double-check mileage, etc). But yes, definitely have a mechanic check this out if you decide to buy it.


ya dude, that would be solid for the remake of tokyo drift that you apparently are making.


Yes. If it's not a shitbox on the inside, its worth that much.


It's worth it, pull the trigger.

Take it out to the country to learn to drive it though. You don't want to be the guy rolling by that everyone says "Ha there goes that dude who stalls at every light!!"

I mean, that thing is yellow, folks'll remember.


$6500 for a non-turbo with an ugly body kit? There should NOT be gaps like that in the panels. Those 300ZX are electrical nightmares and under the hood is TIGHT. Be prepared to pay a lot for maint. if you don't know how to do it yourself. They are also very heavy, low power (I think that is like 222hp but over 3500 lbs.).

KBB.com puts a non-turbo around $4200-4500.

I don't see it being worth the money.

Do you like the style or are you looking for a specific application (drag, road course, auto-x)?


Who can't drive stick? If you can't drive a manual, you need to gtfo of this country. It's as American as spaghetti.


It would fit you perfectly.


I don't think he's that into motorsports if he can't drive a stick...


Buy this car instead, it will smoke that nissan, looks better, easier to fix, and if you want you can pipe the fuck out of it to make it incredibly fast.





it's over


i love the 300 zx but i would look for a 240 sx. more potential and less problems.


I don't know why, but I have a soft spot for those Talons. If they're done right, they're so awesome.


I personally have owned 2 and I can tell you driving them is just flat out fun. Think about driving a go kart on steroids. Quick nimble, but really really fast. It's all about being lightweight and getting power to the road. I mean you cant peel out coming off a stop sign to impress your friends, but giving 4 wheels a little chirp and then vanishing into the sunset has it's own coolness factor.

I think they are pretty sharp cars too. And if you want to boom a system, can't beat a hatchback.



Yeah they're neat cars that's for sure! A little to small for a guy my size though, so I opted for a Camaro instead :stuck_out_tongue: