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Is This Bunk Nolvadex or Not?

so i bought nolvadex from a legit site (used 2 bottles of test e from their it was legit and the clomid is legit) but the nolva i received ive never seen before nor has anyone i know. a little background, i emailed the supplier and he promised me it was good and that he doesnt sell bunk stuff, he said it is BD nolva but i still cant find it anywhere else.

i know Bonzz had a thread on this a little while ago didnt feel like digging up an old thread so i figured id just start this one with a few more pictures. let me know if anyone has seen them…


there is a vert small dimple on the top of the pill, and the rim is flat kind of like a coin

does not look like the nov i have used. I am sure some of the guys that have using peds longer will chime in

I’ve never seen nolva look like that, and FWIW, I’ve heard BD stuff sucks.

u mean BD suck in general? including their steroids?

[quote]meatandfish101 wrote:
u mean BD suck in general? including their steroids?[/quote]

Yes. That’s what I’ve heard from people I trust. I’ve never personally used it, though… for obvious reason.