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Is This Bunk Gear? Wk 4 in First Cycle


so i am in my 4th week of test e 500mg/ w 10 weeks.. adex 0.25 eod lowered from 0.5 as its easier on my joints

pin sunday and wed

my libido was up like crazy first 2 weeks and now its not as high..

strength wise.. nothing yet, i am lifting the same as before my first pin if not less on some lifts as i am tired during my w/o this week that i got off stims pre/wo

bloat.. nothing yet, i put on a kilo but i think its fat as i been eating more than usual

i am begining to doubt this gear i take and thinking its underdosed...

since i droppped 1 vial and broke it, i am thinking of switching to test prop from week 6 and maybe extending my cycle to 12-14 weeks

^^ thoughts ??


If I don't frontload, I don't start getting strength gains with Test E until week 5 or 6. Give it some more time.