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Is This BS?


Just got done reading the article link on the subject here about "man with exploding arms". Obviously this guy is both an idiot and full of shit (one might be able to conclude that from the pictures alone with out reading the article).

However, is there any information to confirm the belief that site injections promote abnormal localized growth? If there is no data re this I'd like to know what you vets think.


I always heard that Valentino's problems were caused by oil injections, like Synthol. Perhaps that show used him to sensationalize the steroid issue. I dont know for sure, though.


Don't misunderstand. I know the guy is full of shit about not useing the oil to pump up those deformed slabs of shit hanging off his shoulders that he calls arms. The only thing I'm questioning is that he claims it is due to localized growth from spot injections. I know he's full of shit but this spot injection theory must be believed by enough people for him to actually claim that.

So what I want to know is is there any data suggesting spot injections work. If not what is the opinion of the vets here about spot injections and their effectiveness at encouraging localized growth at the injection site.


I believe BushidoBadboy was experimenting with a specific compound for these purposes, however I cannot remember the name of the drug. I do remember that it hurt like shit and you had to take insulin with it.

Edit: To my knowledge, roids do not induce significant injection-site specific growth. Then again, I am certainly not a roid guru.


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